العقيدة الإسلامية الصحيحة







English Poetry




O'Muslims, don't be afraid
From opposing winds, don't be scared
We are living in difficult times
Nowhere on Earth,  we find good signs

Know this, our Lord, is close by
Gather courage,  and don't cry
Hold on to rope of Prophet ﷺ tight
He is our savior, from this plight
Since you left the straight path
What you face is the aftermath
You are subdued by various wraith
This is the curse of wrongful faith
There is no escape,  in any town
All over Earth, we are beaten down
Lynched and burnt, yet we survive   
Hit and hurt, we are alive   
Ruthless rulers prevail over you
They pillage, plunder, destroy you 
These are the signs of God's wrath
Turn towards Him, to end blood bath
Don't wander away,  in the dark   
On right way, you should embark  
Come back to Lord,  and find His grace
Save yourselves,  from utter disgrace
Unity of Sects, is not right way 
They're the ones, gone astray 
 Unity of sects, will not help
This Unity is like, scum  kelp
Let us correct our Islamic faith
Cover yourself in Prophet's swathe
Unity in faith is the only key
That will save and set you free 



We have erred, we accept and tell
We shamed our elders, we know it well
We sinned for long, no doubt in it
We built the evil, bit by bit
We ignored Your calls, for night and day
We seek Your pardon and mercy today
No place on Earth, where we can hide
No one is there, to take our side
We are removed, from homes everywhere
No one is listening to our prayer 
We are treated in a terrible way
We seek Your pardon and mercy today
Look at our plight, we are alone
Forgive our sins, and kindly condone
We are lynched,  and burnt alive
We are on run, just to survive
Enemies have become, stronger by day
We seek Your pardon and mercy today
The rulers compete, in killing spree
In our destruction,  their faces glee
O’our Lord, have pity on us
Take us out,  from this cuss
Its our fault, we’ve gone astray
We seek Your pardon and mercy today
Faithless believers are all around
They repress and hound, and push around 
We seek protection, from their designs 
Helpless we are, against their confines
Bring them to faith, or take them away
We seek Your pardon and mercy today



Open our hearts to Your guidance
Make  them resist evil contrivance
They have rusted with sinful plates
And we are wandering in wicked states
Look at our plight,  &  kindly condone
O’our Lord,  don’t leave us alone
Worldly desires, have overtaken us
The devils are also,  raising ruckus
We are detained, in evil confines
No hope of rescue, and no good signs
Take us away from,  this frigid zone
O’our Lord, don’t leave us alone
No one is there,  who could help
In anguish & despair, we call & yelp
O’our Prophet , kindly mediate
With your grace,  make us straight
We pray, lament, and bemoan 
O’our Lord, don’t leave us alone
We are believers, & faithful servants
But are caught up,  in wicked currents
Couldn’t  resist and couldn’t stand
The onslaught of evil, and faithless band
Its  our fault, we do depone
O’our Lord,  don’t leave us alone
We are hit,  on both our sides
By faithless believers, and enemy tides
Help us to stand, with our flock
On correct faith,  like a solid rock
For mercy compassion, You are well known
O’our Lord,  don’t leave us alone



There is only one way, in your life
On it depends,  your  afterlife
Correctness of faith, is important
Without it, you are, discordant
You are living,  in a disarray
Most of you, have gone astray
Your claim of faith, is spurious
Your Lord is, certainly furious
Lost your faith, you lost everything
Your wrong faith, is your hamstring
Your  Salah,  and deeds, are wasted
You are destined, to be,  devastated
What is the use, of this kind of life
You are destined for,  ruin and strife
Come back to Allah’s compassion
You are destroyed, by yr inaction
You are victim,  of confirmation bias
Your heart considers,  you are pious
It will not help you,  in any way
You will sure be a looser, on doomsday



The Ummah is suffering,  because of them
Their faith has turned them, into scum
They live in the garb of affinity
But have spoiled,  the Islamic Serenity
O' our Lord, they are root cleavers
The cause of Your wrath, are faithless believers
Correct Islamic faith, is the key
But they don’t want to act, nor agree
In the name of Islam, they play vile tricks
To conceal their faith, they play politics
They raise in Muslims, stormy fevers
The cause of Your wrath, are faithless believers
They are adamant, and often blame
To truthful Muslims, they defame
We don’t know how, to counter them
Make us strong, and cut their stem
We seek protection, from evil beavers
The cause of Your wrath, are faithless believers
They keep their faith, fully concealed
Because of them, we are Kneeled
Strange to see,  how they claim,
That they belong to,  Islamic main frame
They hide their motives, and are deceivers
The cause of Your wrath, are faithless believers
Save us from,  our evil selves
This is hidden enemy, within ourselves
Your help and support,  is paramount
From divine succor,  we can surmount
Save us our Lord,  from these seizures
The cause of Your wrath, are faithless believers
Looking at their aversion, people condemn
We get hurt in the world, because of them
Bring them to faith, or shun them away
They are the ones, who have gone astray
We seek Your refuge,  from non-believers
The cause of Your wrath are faithless believers 



If you reject faith, you are in flame
 Profess wrong faith, the result is same
Islamic faith, is factual conviction
Based on proof, and logical perfection
The problem is,  you never try
To understand facts, and stay wry
You lead your life, with wrong notions
That are based, on misled emotions
Learn religion from,  Shaikh of Ihsan
Under his guidance, learn the Quran
Ponder over facts, in the Universe
 Read carefully, each Quranic verse
You are follower of,  one of many sects
Who are defending,  strange concepts
How do you think, you are, on right path
That saves you from, divine wrath
Don’t fool yourself,  and don’t betray
Path you are walking,  leads to dismay
Pray God to remove, clamps from senses
Save yourself  from, forced consequences
O’our Lord,  turn towards us
Guide,  among us, who are in a cuss
Open their hearts to Prophetic ﷺ light
Let them realize their fantasy flight



In all our deeds, there are affects
All our quests, have specs
Virtue or evil, is based on motives 
The law applies, in all facets 
Sharia is based, on abundant good
Helps you avoid, all falsehood
Refrain from, doubtful things
Avoid evil, in its likelihood
Make sure you're, on right way
Be alert, keep, evil at bay
Don't follow, Sects' scholars
Be careful, you'll go astray
If you follow, one of the sects
You will suffer, from faith defects
Wrong convictions, lead nowhere
You will be looser, in all aspects
Its strange, your sect’s brotherhood
Claims, the sect is, pious sainthood
You don’t realize all your life
You were netted, in dingy falsehood
When you die, you'll know facts
How badly, wrong faith impacts
Too late to realize, as you're,
Already thrown, on torment tracts
Find, right now, a truthful lead,
On correct path, who is indeed, 
A Shaikh of Ihsan, who is close,
To Prophet ﷺ, in faith and deed
A person who is,  in contact,
With Prophet ﷺ, will not detract,
On Islamic path, he is the lead
Follow his advise, don’t distract



The beloved of God, lives in every age
In piety and virtue, he keeps  himself engage
In quiet servitude, he spends night & day
 From  worldly cravings, he stays away
He lives in the world,  in a simple way
Its tough to spot him, or find leeway
He is the one, on correct Islamic path
Follows the Prophet , on right path
It is difficult to find, the beloved of God
Who is the leader, of divine squad
No one can predict,  he is so and so
Don’t contemplate,  with your ego
Don’t ever think, he is from your sect
With this thinking, you will never connect
He follows the Prophet ,  and is blessed
Connect with him,  and don’t be stressed
O’our Lord, Your beloved  is,  our lead
From Your  path, don't let us exceed
Yr beloved is now, the litmus test
For Correct Islamic Faith,  he is the best
Save us from, afflictions and hardship
We beg for Yr,  beloved’s companionship
He is protected,  from all isms
He is away from sects’, apriorisms
Make him the lead, and our Guide
Even if physically, we are not allied
We are with him, with our thought
Save us from, our enemy onslaught




Only two ways, in your life
You're  in peace, or strife
Standard of peace, is not wealth
It's peace of mind, and afterlife
You are either, servant, or rebel
Only one state, you can dwell
Faithless believer or atheist
Sure you are, destined to Hell
If you are, faithful believer
But are in sinful seizure
You are walking, a thin line
That borders, evil beaver
You are with Lord, or Satan
Be watchful, and straighten
Be with, a Shaikh of Ihsan
Avoid turmoil, straiten
Be under watchful eyes,
Of a Shaikh, and apprise,
If your heart is rebel
Shaikh will calm & stabilize
Be watchful, in choosing Guide
A truthful Shaikh, who'll chide, 
For all flaws, and evil thoughts
On right path, you will glide
Avoid following, blind scholars
Fake Sufis, and sham callers
In Sapphire spoon, they eat sewage
Sell religion, for dollars

Recitation in honor, of dignitary,
In Islam, is virtue, and ancillary,
 For heart's composure, piety, bliss,
Spiritual cleansing, its compulsory.
There are differences, of opinion,
Of scholars in this, dominion
Validity of Sama, with music per se
Each hold, different position
Opinions based on their research
We won't comment on their search
We provide you, eye witness account
Of Prophet's ﷺ way, & viewer's search
Music devices are allowed
Modest and serene, not loud 
  During Sama, the divine Mercy
Covers listeners, like big cloud
Sama is held, in the ‘other world’
With music devices, its unfurled
Prophet ﷺ listens, with dignitaries
In their elation, many get whirled
Angles join in, listening the praise,
Of Allah,  Prophet ﷺ, Sama gets ablaze
Prophets, Sahabah and Awliya Allah
All get brazed, in their gaze
So good to see, Prophet's ﷺ  elation,
On certain stanzas, and citation
I sacrifice my life, on you Prophet ﷺ
You changed my life, and perception

Before doing, any benefaction
Or taking, routine action
We begin, in the name of God
And come under, His protection
Our beginning is, Bismillah
For anything good, Subhanallah
For graceful looks, Masha’allah
And gratitude, Jazakallah
It is,  Islamic derivative
Helping people, is imperative
We help both, dead and alive 
Helping is,  our  prerogative
We help people, who have died
In both the worlds, we are allied
We oft visit, their resting graves
Our bond with them, is fortified
We do Fateha, on distinct dates
By keeping food, in bowls & plates
We feed people, and relatives
For its thawaab, the dead awaits
Our Fateha is, like a  fete
Its retribution, we dedicate
People who are, in 'other world'
They receive it,  in golden plate
Prophet ﷺ likes, those who care,
For their dead, people welfare
Notably, in 'life after death'
People in woe, and despair   

Learn real, Islamic history
It'll unfold, sects' mystery
How these sects, were started
The facts are, edgy, jittery
For sects' formation, & treason
There were three, leading reason
Islam haters, Greedy scholars,  
Selfish rulers, played demon
Haters of, Islamic ideologies 
Bought vile scholars', affinities
Dubbed new theories, as Islam   
Formed sects, with psychologies
Greedy scholars, played their role
In digging evil, faith black hole 
Claimed, it was real Islam
And buried people, in that sheol 
Selfish rulers', new doctrine,
Was injected, as toxin
They claimed, it was, real Islam
And encased Muslims, in coffin
Shia, Wahhabi, Deobandism,
Ammani, Salafi,  & other ism
 All are,  Faithless believers
Misled by false, optimism 
Prophet ﷺ is irate, & furious,
Because Yr faith, is spurious 
Its the last chance, for you all
Cleanse, from the nefarious
Seek divine, redemption
Come out of, stagnation
Follow Prophet ﷺ, in toto
That's the way, for salvation



We are sure, in end time,
As prophesies, of that clime,
Are appearing, one by one
Looks, the bell, is about to chime
End time prophesies, do include,
Two main events, that'll be viewed
Advent of Isa ؑ , and Mahdi ؑ
Who will see, the evil extrude
Their advent may, take sometime
May be some decades, or more time
We all won’t be, living then,
To see them, in that, troubled time
What is important, for us all,
Is, carry extensive, faith overhaul
Sects are cause, of divine wrath
Lets come out, of their brawl
Look at our, current condition,
And Muslim, Ummah’s attrition
Faithless believers and enemies,
Are, hand in glove, in coalition
Let us correct, our Islamic faith
 Protect ourselves, from the wraith
Seek forgiveness, for our fugue
In correct faith, let us swathe
This is the way, to save us all,
And our children, from down fall
We have ignored many a time,
Lord’s admonition, & warning call
We have erred, O’ our Lord
Keep us alert, and on guard,
Save us from, faithless believers,
And enemies', barbed chord 



Long ago, in  my adolescence
I saw a dream,  of  fluorescence
A dignitary, gave me a file,
Of decree, of beneficence
I was decreed, for a mission
To spread faith, and cognition
File contained, specific details
 For peoples’ faith correction
The dignitary left, after giving file
I was confused, in the meanwhile
Then, I saw Satan, a black tall man
In front of me, in menacing style
 'I won't, let you succeed,
For this task, I won't accede'
He told, and pushed me  
I started running, after secede
He followed, with associates
I kept running, till I found gates,
Of huge building, protected
By angels, guarding the gates
I was allowed, to run inside
 Satan was held, at gate side
 I was taken to, Prophet’s ﷺ chamber
He was alone, & looked dignified
 Prophet ﷺ smiled, at my sight,
And took the file, & said, alright,
Wrote something, & stamped it,
And returned file, to my delight
I woke up then, from dream
And told parents, what was seen
My father took me, to his Shaikh
Asked me to tell the dream
Shaikh listened, fervently
Then closed eyes, solemnly
After a while, opened eyes
 And patted me graciously
 He said, "you may face hurdles,
There may be, some scrambles
Since you are protected   
You will overcome, all obstacles"   

Its evident, Muslim community, 
Has drifted, into obscurity
Divided in, two segments
Darkness, and promiscuity
Faithless, embraced darkness,
And Faithful, in deed emptiness
Faithless, lost Islamic path
Faithful locked, in sinfulness
Faithless believers, are Muslim sect
Living in, false pretext
They follow, different faiths
Claim these are, Islam's subtext
Ammani, Universal Sufis,
And there are, fake Sufis 
Fooling innocent Muslims
And spreading, faith disease
Ahle Sunnah are, faithful believers
But have become, underachievers 
Have shrunk, by inaction
Claim, they're paradise dwellers
They live in, wrong assumption
While they thrive, in corruption
Claim they won’t, eat Haram food
But keep earning by deception
Corrupt scholars, politicians
Have settled in, lead positions
Exploit, innocent Muslims
Work for, worldly acquisitions
Darga Sajjada, are in front
In holy garb, conceal their hunt,
Of needy people, visiting Awliya
In arrogance, they are blunt
In Ahle Sunna, may be, there are,
Some good people, who are afar,
From corruption, that's rampant
Seen in them, booming, by far
Faithless or faithful, you are
Both are, in divine radar
Faithless should, quit false faith
From sinful acts, faithful unbar

Keep in mind, life is short
From wrong path, you must depart
Come back to, Prophet's ﷺ path
Seek pardon, and restart

 Daily Zikr  is important
It makes our hearts cognizant
Of Allah's grace & compassion
Without it, we go dormant
With Zikr we get elevation
In spirituality, & activation,
Of heart's eyes, and perception
It removes our stagnation
It relieves mind's anxiety
And calms self’s  notoriety
Keeps Satan at distance
And saves, from calamity
It is our realization
And cause of purgation
Of evil, and frustration
It helps in our salvation
Salah is divine remembrance
Quran recitation, is semblance
But we require endurance
Zikr is its, quintessence
Zikr is reciting, divine names
To erase our, worldly strains
In it, we get proximity
Of our Lord and acclaims
Can be loud, or silent
Be in heart, or accent
Anamnesis is important
 It make us, devout servant 
La Ilaha Ilallah
Mohammadar Rasulullah ﷺ
Is sultan-ul-Azkaar
Recite with it, Subhanallah
Recite Durood and Astaghfaar
It will help you unbar
Sinful acts and wrong doings
Which were destructive by far

When you involve, in a sin
You attract, the evil Jinn
They share, in yr vice
And become, your kin
If you watch a forbidden thing
On cell phone, the news spin,
Among demons, who join you
Like a feast, they cling
If you involve, in adultery
Don’t presume you’re lonely
Many demons join with you
It’s carousal, evil battery
If you commit, a major sin
You are done from within
If it is,  Shirk or kufr
From Islam, you unpin
If you involve in magic
You become faithless fanatic
If you do, or get it done
In both ways, its tragic
In demons, there are dons
Who are ruthless evil icons
They cohabit in your homes
 You can’t see, they’re avians
If demon overpowers you
He sticks, like as glue
If you go to magic guru
He’ll mess, and screw
Keep in mind, a simple rule 
For sins, demons are fuel
In virtue, you provide,
To angels a vestibule
Find a Shaikh, learn Islam
Don’t stray, avoid sham
 Connect with him, spiritually
Avert anxiety pangs, & qualm
Correct faith, and good deed
Precisely, what you need
Angels will, guard yr homes
With speed, demons recede


In a sweeping drive began
Sahih Iman exclusive scan
To distinguish faithful believer
From, hypocrite con man 
Faithless believers and enemies,
Had become, formidable entities
Corrupt, among faithful believers,
Were involved in brazen felonies  
The objective was, to  recall
Muslims, from sects' brawl
Pull them, from steep pitfall 
Hold from further downfall  
Its distinct writing on the wall
All are under final call
Don't be a naive looser
Divine percept none can stall
Evil empires' structure,
Skills, habitat and culture
Heads, associates & adherents
All will face divine thunder
Enemies will crush each other
Sects vanish in divine gusher
Corrupt among faithful believers
Take note, wake up & recover
There is still hope for all 
If they obey Lord's call 
Stop  afflicting people
Seek pardon, avoid the fall
O’ Our lord, save faithful lot
Pardon them, don't boycott 
Lead them on the right path
Make them Prophet's ﷺ enthusiast