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The moment you take baya' on the hand of a real Shaikh of Ihsan, a real Sufi Shaikh, your spiritual connection with the Shaikh gets established. Since the Shaikh is connected spiritually with his Murshid, and his Murshid is well connected with his Murshid, the chain establishes your final spiritual connection with Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم). 

We will explain this issue with an example.  Look what happens when you ask for an electrical connection to your newly built house. You fill out the necessary applications and fulfill other requirements. The Electricity Department's technicians come and connect your home electricity cable with the nearby underground cable or overground pole.  Once you establish the connection, your home gets  lighted.

Your Shaikh is the spiritual pole and the main source of spiritual light is Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)Prophetic light comes to you via various grids / junctions (meaning Sahaba and Sufi Shaikhs) to your pole (your Murshid)  and from there to your home (heart).   

What happens when you take bay'a?  

You get the much needed spiritual support to keep all evil Shayateen (Jinnies and humans) at Bay. 

Some people argue that if we read certain chapters of Quran, like Sura Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Nas, we can keep the evil away from us then where is the need to take bay'a on Shaikh's hand?

It is beyond doubt that Kalam-e-Elahi has its effect,  but when you do good deeds under the watchful eyes of a Shaikh-e-Kamil, you perform them rightly with which their effect gets manifold because the shaikh guides you and warns you on your possible mistakes.      

In addition, the spiritual connection with the Shaikh increases your understanding capacities. Shaikh cleanses the mirror of your heart from his personal attention (Tawajjoh)  and  guidance based on Sharia, with which your heart gradually gets cleaned and you can see the facts of things in a more realistic way.  Shaikh teaches you  how to deal with problems by trusting in Allah's (سبحا نہ و تعا لی) Mercy all the time.  He  makes you spiritually self sufficient and bold enough to deal with anything that comes your way in your life.

Shaikh guides you until you are in a position to guide others.  At this time, he awards you with Ijaza or Khilafah with which you can start helping other Muslims.  This practice is continued, uninterrupted from the time of Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) .

Allah (سبحا نہ و تعا لی) rewards his Awliya with many bounties. Sometimes, the Shaikh is provided with unveiling (spiritual vision - kashf) with which he gets forewarned about certain things. However, he can only see what is desired by Allah (سبحا نہ و تعا لی).  This helps the Shaikh in people's training and occasionally forewarning them about some dangers. 

For some Shaikhs, 'The World of Similitude' (Aalam-e-Mithaal or the spiritual world) is opened and their personal contact with Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) and other past dignitaries of Islam is established.  This also helps them to serve people better. 

Some Shaikhs are rewarded with exceptional will power.  This is the result of their trust in Allah (سبحا نہ و تعا لی) and Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم).  This also helps them in training their Murideen. 

Some Shaikhs are provided with exceptional effect in their speech and writings.  Their Dua is granted quickly by Allah (سبحا نہ و تعا لی)

Sometimes Shaikh says something and that thing comes into being instantly. These types of things are known as 'Karamat' (miracle). However, miracle is the work of Allah (سبحا نہ و تعا لی).  Sometimes  Allah (سبحا نہ و تعا لی) performs miracles through some very prominent Shuyooks to establish Shaikh's importance in society so that more people come to him for guidance.  Once a few miracles become popular, lot many people throng to the Shaikh's door and through Shaikh, Allah (سبحا نہ و تعا لی) helps His servants.  

Some big shaikhs are celebrities among Awliya Allah.  They are provided with many bounties from Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی). All these are given to help them in guiding the people better. Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی) appoints His beloveds /Sufi Shaikhs to help His servants in the world.

Al-Dhahabi, a prominent Salafi scholar wrote in his book "Siyar a`lam al-nubala" about  al-Ghawth al-A'zam (RU) as follows. 

QUOTE - "al-Shaykh `Abd al-Qadir (al-Jilani): The Shaykh, the Imam, the Scholar, the Zahid, the Knower, the Exemplar, Shaykh al-Islam, the Distinguished one among the Awliya... the Hanbali, the Shaykh of Baghdad... "I say  there is no one among the great shaykhs who has more Spiritual States and Miracles (karamat) than Shaykh `Abd al-Qadir" UNQUOTE"

It is in Hadith -   It is reported that Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)  once said after the Salah - " O ' People! Listen to this, understand it and know it.  Allah (سبحا نہ و تعا لی) has servants who are neither Prophets nor Martyrs and whom the Prophets and Martyrs (Shuhada) yearn to be like, in view of  their seat and proximity in relation to Allah (سبحا نہ و تعا لی)".  One of the Bedouin Arabs who came from among the most isolated of people twisted his hand and said-"O' Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)! people from human kind who are neither Prophets, nor Martyrs and yet the Prophets and Martyrs yearn to be like them due to their seat and proximity in relation to Allah (سبحا نہ و تعا لی)! Describe them for us"

'The Prophet's (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) face showed delight at the Bedouin's question and he said - " They are of the strangers from this and that place.  They frequent this or that tribe without belonging to them.  They do not have family connections among themselves. They love one another for Allah's (سبحا نہ و تعا لی) sake.  They are of pure intent towards one another. On the Day of Resurrection, Allah (سبحا نہ و تعا لی) will place for them pedestals of light upon which He will make them sit, and He will turn their faces and clothes into light. On the Day of Resurrection the people will be terrified but not those. They are Awliya Allah upon whom fear comes not, nor do they grieve".

The above Hadith is related through several chains by Abu Dawud and Ahmad.  Baghawi in Sharh al-Sunna, al-Hakim in the Mustadrak, Ibn 'Asakir, Ibn Abi al-Dunya in Kitab al-Ikhwan,  Ibn Jarir al-Tabari, Ibn Abi Hatim, Ibn Mardawayh, and others.  Haythami in Majma'al-Zawa'id says: 'Ahmad relates it, and Tabrani relates something similar, and all the men in its chain of transmission have been declared trustworthy". Read More.


Some people make the mistake of first taking bay'a on Shaikh's hand and then they start judging every action of the Shaikh with their limited knowledge and experience.  This is dangerous.  This leads them nowhere and ultimately they become Deobandis / Salafis. 

The right way is to judge the Shaikh first on the basis of his teachings and attributes,  and when you are convinced,  then only take bay'a.

Once you have taken baya', then you should have trust in your Shaikh's education and spiritual training.   This is the right practice done from the time of Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم). People first developed the trust in Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم), accepted Islam and then never evaluated his teachings on the basis of their limited understanding. All Muslims practice the same thing in Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh).  We trust in the teachings of an Iman (Hanafi or Maliki or Shafi'i or Hanbali) and then we follow him throughout our lives.  If you start evaluating the Imam's rulings with your limited knowledge and understanding, then consider yourself a Salafi Pagan.   

Once you have taken bay'a on Shaikh's hand, it means you have  registered yourself as his student.  If you want to progress fast in your education and training,  listen carefully to what he teaches,  follow his guidance.   The biggest advantage of taking bay'a is, the Shaikh gives personal attention to his Murid's problems and overlooks his spiritual progress individually.  Let there be a few hundred Murideen, or a few hundred-thousand Murideen or a few million Murideen, everyone gets individual attention and is allowed to progress spiritually at his own pace.  Shaikhs' spiritual attention 'Tawajjoh' helps his Murideen, individually and collectively, anywhere in the world. 


Every one who took baya' on Shaikh Mir Asedullah Quadri's hand so far has confirmed the fact that no evil can stay near the Murid of the Shaikh.  The only requirement is you should sincerely establish your spiritual connection (Nisbah) with the Shaikh and try to be sincere in your deeds as far as possible.  Majority of Shaikh's Murideen  have confirmed that the moment they took baya on Shaikh's hand, the effect of all evil (influence of shayaateen, spells, black magic or anything whatsoever) vanished within no time. They also felt gradual change in their character and wisdom of action. Even their family members noticed a gradual change in them, their character, their wisdom of actions and even a change in their physical outlook.  

(Phase - I )
3-Months Duration 
(1)  Try to keep yourself clean (Mutahhar) 24x7.  Whenever you need to take bath to cleans yourself,  do it as soon as you can.
(2)  Try to perform Salah 5 times a day on the scheduled times as far as possible. Read More...
For men, it is better if they go to a mosque to perform Salah in congregation.   However, it is a good idea to avoid going to a mosque which is run  by Sectarian Groups like Salafis, Deobandis, Tabhlighees and like minded,  because their mosques are major centers for misleading innocent Muslims from the straight path of Islam.  These are Headquarters of their Dawa' campaigns, where they preach ill conceived notions in the name of Islam. Going to mosque for prayers is Sunnah.  But protecting your Iman is Fardh (primary obligation). Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid listening to religious sermons by Sectarian Groups until you are educated and trained in Sahih Iman.
Once you have enough knowledge about Sahih Iman and have studied Quran and Ahadith and various Fiqh issues, then you can communicate with these people because at that time you will be able to understand their deviations and will be able to guide them to the right path of Islam. 
You can understand this issue from an example.  Why every child in the world is given immunization medicines in the first 5 years of his age.  Because, he is growing in an environment where he/she is expected to catch multiple ailments.  Similarly, if you want to safeguard your Iman in a complex Muslim Society, you need to study Sahih Aqeedah in the company of a recognized  and authentic Shaikh of Ihsan. Learn real Islam by studying books from authentic traditional sources and then you can debate with all kinds of sectarian Muslims. When you know the basics of Islam and  have studied Sahih Iman thoroughly, you can even go to their mosques  or Dawa' Centers with the intention of convincing them about the right path of Islam. Till you have achieved the basic knowledge about Sahih Iman,  it is a good idea to avoid listening to their Dawa lectures, videos, CDs.  Avoid talking to them on religious issues when you are not fully educated and suitably trained.  Maintain an strict quarantine from these virus infected Groups. Remember their viruses are fatal, deadly and infectious; once you catch these viruses,  it is very difficult to come back to the straight path of Islam.
From the above, don't get the impression that you need to maintain physical quarantine with all non-believers and Muslim Sectarian groups.  We do not mean it like that.  Human being is a social animal. We need to have good human relations with all people in this world and try to keep peace  and compassion in society.  We need to be a role model of love and compassion in Society.  We never hate people for their individual beliefs.  We respect their individual choices. However, it is a good idea if we do not discuss religious issues with other people unless we are suitably trained and educated by a recognized authentic Shaikh of Islam. This is  important to avoid conflicts and getting misled. Why we need to be cautious?  Because we know that our salvation on the Day of Judgment depends upon our Sahih Iman.
The aim of CIFIA (Correct Islamic Faith International Association) is to train people in Sahih Iman and make them self sufficient to deal with any kind of virus attack on their Iman by sectarian missionary groups. CIFIA is the most authentic and effective anti virus for you to protect yourself from attacks on your Iman by religious fanatics in Muslim society.   
Shaikh Mir Asedullah Quadri once told that whoever becomes his Murid or whoever sincerely follows his guidance, in the light of Quran and Ahadith, will Insha-Allah remain  steadfast on the  straight path of Islam and will Insha-Allah get salvation on the Day of Judgment.    
(3) During these initial 3 months,  carry on all Islamic obligations like Salah,  Zakat, Sawm (fasting) and (if possible) Hajj, on time. 
Remember, once a good deed is repeated continuously for 40 days, we get used to it and it becomes easier for us to do it as a routine.
(4) Zikr, as described below, can be done at least once during the day, after any Salah, as per your convenience.
(a) Astghfirullahal Azeem   -  100 times
(b) Allahumma Salle Ala Mohammadin wa ala Aali Mohammad - 100 times.
(c) Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar   100 times.
(d) Request the Shaikh for a Wazifa to alleviate your immediate problems, if any.
 (5)  Short Course on Sahih Iman, Part I  is provided at (Sahi Iman Short Course I). It is important that you read the entire information in this short course and try to remember the Ahadith and Quranic verses mentioned in the Short course.  This will be very helpful for you to understand Sahih Iman in the present day scenario.  

Do not hesitate to write about your progress.  Seek Shaikh's guidance whenever you need.

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