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(1922 - 2014)




All the information in this Article is taken from Nazim al-Haqqani's official websites and other Internet sources available in public domain. We have quoted the sources of our information all through this Article.

We have provided bare facts and some pictures taken from Haqqani and related sources.  We were compelled to include them to show to our readers the truth about Nazim Haqqani and the characters of the people who were awarded with Vilaya (saint hood) by Shaikh Nazim al-Haqqani. 

We hope that the information in this article will help our readers to have a clear understanding of the subject matter.  We sincerely regret if any of the facts in this article caused unintended discomfort to anyone in the world.



Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani (محمد ناظم الحقاني)‎, born in Larnaca, Cyprus on April 21, 1922 (Sha'ban 26, 1340 AH), died on May 7, 2014 (Rajab 9, 1435 AH)  was a Turkish Cypriot leader of Haqqani Order.  Haqqanis have recently changed their identity, and now they call themselves Nazimiyya Order.   

It is mentioned on their official websites that Shaikh Nazim went to school in Cyprus.  After completion of his school education at the age of 18,  he moved to Istanbul, Turky in 1940 and studied Chemical Engineering at Istanbul University. It is reported that after completion of his degree, he lost interest in further education and looked for some teachers to learn spirituality. He met his first spiritual teacher Suleyman Erzurumi (d 1948) in 1944.  Later he traveled to Damascus,  Syria in 1945, and took ba'ya on the hand of Abdullah ad-Daghestani, whose house was located on the slopes of Jabal Qasyoun, overlooking Damascus. He lived in Damascus for over 40 years and moved back to Cyprus in late eighties.


Abdullah Fa'izi ad-Daghestani (December 14, 1891 - September 30, 1973) was born in Caucasian region of Daghestan. His father was a Medical Doctor. It is reported that he had not received Sufi Ijaza and is not a recognized Shaikh in Daghestan.


Abdullah's family lived in Daghestan during the time of Sheikh Shamil (r) who had made Arabic,  official Administrative language, over all the area he controlled.  A large number of Daghestanis, particularly religious Muslims, took advantage of it and learned Arabic in Daghestan. Arabic was used by people all over Daghestan those days.

Abdullah's family migrated to Turkey when the Russians took  Sheikh Shâmil (r) as prisoner in early 1900. However, it is surprising to note that Abdullah did not know reading or writing, and he needed an interpreter to communicate with Arabic speaking people even when he was living in Arabic speaking Damascus for several decades.  The philosophical knowledge he had was reported to be a clear cut proof that he did not inherit his knowledge from an Islamic source




It is reported that the Mufti of Daghestan, Master of the Naqshbandi Sufi order, Sayed Ahmad bin Sulaymân Darwish Hajjieff issued fatawà,  warning Muslims against Nazim al Haqqani and his Shaikh Abdullah ad-Daghestani.




"The fatawa were warnings against people who have gone astray; specially those who use the name of religion to disguise, in order to lead people astray when actually, they are the enemies of religion and far from it.  Mufti Ahmed bin Sulaiman of Daghestan counts Nazim al-Qubrusi Haqqani among those who have gone astray. He claims Shaikh Nazim has spread a lot of corruption over the Earth and has distorted the name of Islam among innocent Muslims.   He is a fake Sufi who dresses like scholars to conceal his identity to the people."   



Anybody can confirm the fatawa by contacting Daghestan Moslem Spiritual Board, Makhachkala 367015, Aziz Aliev Street 2, Daghestan, Russia.   Read more..




Haqqanis claim that the above Fatawa are wrongly propagated by the followers of Abdullah Al-Harari Al-Habashi. 

It is possible that Ahbash have publicized wrong Fatawa.  However, these fatawa are very old.  The Haqqanis have done nothing except to claim that Mufti Ahmed bin Sulaiman of Daghestan is a fake Mufti.  If Haqqani's claim was truthful, they should have approached the Daghestan Fatawa Board and get an authentic evidence in this context.   Haqqanis had all the wealth and resources at their disposal. Many prominent political leaders used to visit Shaikh Nazim in his life time.  Therefore getting a simple refutation of the Fatawa from the Daghestan Fatawa Board was an easy task.  Why they did not attempt it for decades, is a big question?  In the absence of an authentic refutation, people will definitely believe that the above Fatawa are factual.

It is written in the biography of famous Naqshbandi Shaikh Said Afandi Chirkawi (1937-2012) of Daghestan that Nazim Haqqani's Spiritual Chain is not correct as Shaikh Abu Ahmad Sughuri, who is placed at # 36 in Haqqani Chain had two disciples, namely (i) Muhammad Haji `Obodi ad-Daghestani and (ii) Ilyas Tsudakhari ad-Daghestani (d. 1312 AH). Neither of them had disciples through whom the chain could continue. Therefore, the chain ended there. The claim of Abdullah Daghestani that his  Shaikh Sharfuddin Daghestani (placed at # 38 in Haqqani chain) had Ijaza in Naqshbandi order is not based on facts.  Read more.       



Haqqanis have also corrupted Khwaja Bahauddin Naqshband's (رضئ الله تعالی عنه) spiritual chain.  Read the following. 

(1) Prophet Mohammad (saws), (2) Abu Bakr (ru), (3) Salman al-Farsi (ru), (4) Imam Qasim Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abu Bakr (ru), (5) Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (ru), (6) Khwaja Tayfur Abu Yazid al-Bistami (r), (7) Khwaja Abul Hassan Ali al-Khurkhani (r), (8) Khwaja Abul Qasim Gurgani (r), (9) Khwaja Abu Ali al-farmadi (r), (10) Khwaja Abu Yaqub Yusuf al-Hamdani (r), (11) Khwaja Abdul Khaliq al-Gajadwani (r), (12) Khwaja Arif ar-Riwakri (r), (13) Khwaja Mahmoud al-Anjir al-Faghnawi (r), (14) Khwaja Azizan Ali ar-Ramitani (r), (15) Khwaja Muhammad Baba as-Samasi (r), (16) Khwaja as-Sayyid Amir Kulal (r), (17) Khwaja Muhammad Bahauddin Naqshband (r).  Read more.

Haqqanis have removed the name of  Khwaja Abul Qasim Gurgani (رضئ الله تعالی عنه) at # 8 from Khwaja Bahauddin Naqshband's (رضئ الله تعالی عنهSpiritual  chain and have added following new name at # 10.   

Abul Abbas, al-Khidr, alayhis salam

This is indeed a ridiculous  claim.    How can someone removes a Shaikh from a well known spiritual chain and add another name in its place, that too the name of Hadhrat Khizr (as)? This kind of corruption is not found in any spiritual chain of any Sufi order in the world in the past 1400 years history of Islam. It is indeed a absurd claim on the part of Haqqanis to fool innocent Muslims. Read more.

Haqqanis, in early 2013, made a new blog titled  "The Correct Islamic Faith" to deceive people in the world. 

'Correct Islamic faith' is originally the title of one of our network websites.  Our Network also has a blog with the same title.  All our network websites and blogs are very popular in the world.  By starting a blog with similar name, they are attempting to deceive people in the world. They have started this new blog with the addition of "The" and named it "The Correct Islamic Faith" to deceive innocent people in the world.

In this blog, they have provided a picture of Hadhrat Khidr (as) standing on a fish and have provided some strange and absurd theory to justify inclusion of Hadhrat Khidr's (as) name in their Golden Chain. They also claim that Hadhrat Khidr (as) was a Prophet.  This kind of fictional stories show the spiritual bankruptcy. These concocted stories  are aimed at fooling innocent people.



It is reported that Abdullah's family moved to Bursa, in Turkey in 1900 where he married a Daghestani refugee girl in 1910.  Within six months of his marriage, his father died and he came under the guardianship of his maternal uncle, Sharfuddin Daghestani (1875-1936).  It is reported that Sharfuddin Daghestani gave him Ijaza in 1921.

In 1936, Shaikh Abdullah ad-Daghestani moved to Egypt. Later he moved to Syria and established his Tekke (Khanqah) in a house gifted to him by one of his Murids.  This is where Nazim al-Haqqani took ba'ya from him.  Sheikh Abdullah Daghestani died in 1973 and was buried in Damascus, Syria.

Nazim al Haqqani wrote a book titled "Ocean Mercy Hidden Treasurers" which consists of teachings of Abdullah ad Daghestani.  In Chapter titled "Surpassing the mind limitations", Nazim al Haqqani wrote the following.


Grand Sheikh (Abdullah Daghestani) was telling me about Ka'bul Ahbar, the most learned man among the Jews living in Hejaz in the the time of Prophet صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم ).  Because of his great learning, Ka'b was expecting the coming of a Prophet, the last Prophet, whose appearance he had found foretold in the scriptures.  Ka'b knowledge was so extensive that he had reached to the 'Station of Gabriel'.



In the same Chapter, Nazim al Haqqani also wrote the following:

"Grand Sheikh was saying about the third Caliph Othman (رضي الله تعالى عنه), that he was of a very high degree among Sahabah and was the most modest of the Prophet's (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) companions.  He performed so many services for the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) and after the Prophet's (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) time he gathered all the verses and surahs of the Holy Quran into book form.  In spite of this, Othman (رضي الله تعالى عنه) did not attain the spiritual ranks attained by Abu Bakr (رضي الله تعالى عنه) and Ali (رضي الله تعالى عنه) because he sometimes held firmly to his own desires instead of putting them completely in line with the Prophet's (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم). This was also one reason for his martyrdom: misfortunes befell him as a result of his not being able to totally leave his own desires behind." Read more.  Haqqanis have since removed this reference from their website.

In Mercy Oceans, book 2 - The Teachings of Mevlana Sheikh Abdullah ad-Dagistai, the following is mentioned.

Reality of Grand Shaykh Abdullah Dagestani - Part 3

QUOTE - Sheikh Sharafuddeen said that the spiritual reality of Sheikh Abdullah is like the reality of Seyyadina Abu Bakr Siddique (رضي الله تعالى عنه).  Just as Seyyadina Abu Bakr Siddique (رضي الله تعالى عنه) was with Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) from pre-eternal times so was Sheikh Abdullah ad-Daghestani with Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم). When Allah Almighty made the Light of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) to appear and to manifest, the lights of Seyyadina Abu Bakr Siddique (رضي الله تعالى عنه) and the Light of Sheikh Abdullah ad-Dagestani also appeared at the same time and they accompanied Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) from the time when no creation was yet created. This was the time when everything was in the Oceans of Knowledge of Allah Almighty. This means that Sheikh Abdullah was accompanying all the Prophets and all the Saints during all the past centuries. UNQUOTE  (Astaghfirullahal azeem).  Read more.   Haqqanis have since removed this  reference from their website.

Nazim al Haqqani also claimed that Abdullah ad Daghestani is  "the Seal of saint-hood" (Khatam al Awliya).  Meaning, Abdullah Daghestini is the greatest of all shuyooks in the world, bigger than Ghousul Azam (رضي الله تعالى عنه) (Astaghfirullah) Read more. Haqqanis have since removed this  reference from their website.




Nazim al-Haqqani's wife Amina Adil.  She died in 2004.




Nazim al-Haqqani has two sons and two daughters. One of his daughters Naziha is married to his Murid and Khalifa Hisham Kabbani, a Lebanese, who moved to United States in 1990. 
On November 4, 2011, Nazim Haqqani declared Mehmet Haqqani, his elder son, as his successor and 41st Shaikh of Haqqani Order.  Watch this Video Clip. 
Nazim al-Haqqani was one of the most controversial leader of Haqqani order.  His followers call him Sultan-Ul-Awliya while his detractors call him a fake Sufi.  His followers consider him the highest ranking Sufi Shaikh of all times and talk a lot about his secret spiritual powers. But his detractors call him a liar, and an spell casting Aamil, who tried to keep himself in the limelight throughout his life by strange  future predictions that never came out to be true. He fooled his followers by citing the Shia story about Imam Mahdi (as) and lured many of his followers with fake appointments as Deputies of Imam Mahdi (as). He also distributed his fake Wilaya (saintship) to many of his followers and even to non Muslims and tyrant dictators like George Bush, Tony Blair and others. 
We will discuss some of these issues in the following paragraphs.  Our readers, will realize that we have presented facts and provided sources of  all information in this Article and have refrained from giving any personal opinions.
Nazim al-Haqqani visited Kataragama, Sri Lanka,  many times during Eightees and Ninetees.  During an Interview in Kataragama, in 1990, Nazim al-Haqqani stated the following :
"Now I am in my seventies, and to be with you.  You must believe that I am knowing person.  If a person knows, you do not say that he believes I am knowing, and you must believe that I have come (here) on the order of the Divine Will.  I have come on the command of Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) and of saints. " Read more.
Let us see if above claims of Nazim al-Haqqani are truthful in the light of Quran, Ahadith and Islamic established traditions.  
Kataragama is situated in the Monaragala District of Uva province, Sri Lanka. Situated at 228 km from Colombo; also known as Kathirgamam (கதிர்காமம்), Katirkamam (කතරගම), Katharagama, it is a pilgrimage town popular with Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and indigenous Vedda communities of Sri Lanka.
Kataragama has a historical significance.  The town was mentioned in the historical annals known as Mahavamsa written in the 5th century CE. It mentions a town named Kajjaragama from which important dignitaries came to receive the sacred Bo sapling sent from Asoka’s Mauryan Empire on 288 BC.
The town has Ruhunu Maha Kataragama devalaya, a temple dedicated to Skanda-Murukan (Hindu Gods) who are also known as Kataragama-devio. It also houses the ancient Kiri Vehera Buddhist stupa.
Currently, Kataragama  is a fast developing township surrounded by jungle, in the South Eastern region of Sri Lanka. Since 1950s it has undergone many developments with successive governments investing in public transportation, medical facilities, business development and hotel services.



A testimony is found in the 1870 report of Mr. Hudson, the British Government Agent,  Hambantota,   who testified the following:

"Mohammadans of Hambantota and nearby villages come in large numbers to Kataragama in search of a secret subterranean spring, the waters of which, if drunk, are said to endow a person with blessings of perpetual immortality" Read more.

Some Babas had spread the stories that Khidhr (as) visited this region and drank the water of the secret well and became immortal.  These Sufi Babas built a wattle-and-daub hut and claimed that it was this place where Khidhr (as) stayed when he came here thousands of years ago in search of the secret well (spring of life).  The hut was occupied by them, one after the other, for a long time.  These Babas were also known as "Faqirs". The hut was later developed into a Shrine of Khidhr (as). 

One of such Babas who stayed and served here was known as Pal Kudi Bawa.  



Dr. M. C. M. Kaleel,  President, All Ceylon Muslim League wrote on September 26, 1991 that "I have visited Kataragama and met Pal Kudi Bawa who lived only on cow's milk. Muslims who visited Kataragama paid their respects to the Bawa who was in charge of the thakiya (mosque) and shrine. There were a number of rooms where pilgrims could stay overnight or a few days if they so desired.


The Bawa was very strict that no one should take any meat or animal food into the sacred precincts.  Pilgrims from the Buddhist and Hindu sections often visited the Muslim section and Muslims freely walked through the Buddhist and Hindu sections and sometimes partook of the food at the Ramakrishna Hall where rice and vegetable curries were cooked and distributed free. 

There were, and still are,  many Bawas (Babas)  in Sri Lanka, like the famous Guru Bawa (of Jaffna, Sri Lanka)  died on December 9, 1986 in Philadelphia, USA. He had a large number of American followers including some pupils from Sri Lanka.  Read more.



The commonality between Pal Kudi Bawa and Guru Bawa Muhaiyaddeen is, they both emerged from the Jungles in Sri Lanka. No one knows their background and date of birth or their parents. They never disclosed these details to anyone.  They spent years in Kataragama and strictly stopped people from eating meat, fish etc., which are Halal in Islam.




Guru Bawa Muhaiyaddeen's old picture probably when he was found in Kataragama Jungles, in Sri Lanka doing some kind of worship in  1930-40.




Picture This picture  was on the wall of Guru Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Ashram in Jaffna Sri Lanka. The person in the middle is the Guru Bawa.  He is seen with his early devotees, probably during 1940-50.  


It is reported that Pilgrims of Kataragama found Guru Bawa in a nearby Jungle and brought him to a village.  As the word of a Guru, found in the Jungles, was spread, people of all faiths and backgrounds started visiting him.  It is reported that people realized his mystical powers.  Soon some of his visitors became his devotees.  They started calling him 'Bawange'  and 'Guru  Bawa'.   It is reported that he never disclosed to people who he was, who were his parents or where did he come from?  No one knew when he was born, what was his age and who was his teacher or who taught him? He avoided all such questions and never disclosed his identity till his death.  The only identity was that he spoke in Tamil, the language spoken by Tamilians, in Northern Sri Lanka.  This shows that he belonged to Tamil minority in Sri Lanka found wandering in Kataragama Jungles.  


In 1971, Bawa Muhaiyaddeen moved to Philadelphia, US, with the help of one of his devotees.  He stayed in US until his death on December 9, 1986.  His grave is located forty miles from Philadelphia, surrounded by hills and trees in Chester County.

The Sufi Babas who are connected with Kataragama are Universal Sufis, who preach strange theories away from Islam. They mislead innocent Muslims by claiming that they are divinely guided and commanded.  We pray Allah (swt) to save innocent people from these fake  Sufis Babas.

The following video clip shows Ammani scholar Mukhtar Shah Naeemi paying respects to the grave of Guru Bawa Mohiuddin in Philadelphia, US, in 2012.




As was the case in Sri Lanka,  Guru Bawa's  devotees in US also consisted of all faiths.  Notice at the entrance of the grave warns people not to bring meat or fish even in the surrounding areas where his grave is located. Read more.  



Trustee of the Kataragama Shrine M.L.A. Gaffar, on the occasion of Flag hoisting Ceremony at Kataragama Khidr (as) Shrine on July 23, 1998 on the occasion of Holy Buddhists Esala Festival, said "only at one place in the world do people of three religions (Hindu, Muslims and Budhdist) worship together. Kataragama belongs to all the people of the world.


There is a story that Khidhr's (as) shrine is located at an area 300 meters from the place of ancient Hindu war God Skanda or Iskandar deified. It is said that both Khidhr (as) and Skanda (Hindu God)  came together in search of fountain of Life; but Khidhr (as) found it and tasted it and became immortal, while Skanda could not find it (La haula wala quwwata illah billah)Read more.

Muslims who visit Kataragama believe that  all the 124,000 prophets are departed, except for one. Al-Khidr or Hayat Nabi [they consider Khidr (as) the living prophet] still walks upon this Earth, and he will live until Judgement Day, because he alone tasted the Ma’ul Hayat (Aab-e-Hayat  or  Water of Life).  They believe that Kataragama, or Khidr-gama, is the place where Hayat Nabi (Khidr - as) found and tasted the Water of Life.  Read more. 

Nazim al-Haqqani was a regular visitor of Kataragama, during Eightees and Ninetees. He is seen in the picture at Kataragama with some of his Murideen. During an Interview in Kataragama, in 1990, Nazim al - Haqqani stated  "You must believe that I am knowing person. If a person knows, you do not say that he believes. I am knowing, and you must believe that I have come (to Kataragama) on the order of the Divine Will.  I have come on the command of Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) and of saints. " Read more.
People can guess how truthful he is in claiming that he has been visiting Kataragama on the commandments of Allah (swt) and His Apostle Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) ( La haula wala quwwata illah billah)
Our readers will be aware that there is no authenticity to the stories about Kataragama.  There is no proof in Quran and Ahadith that Khidr (as) drank the water from the Fountain of Life at Kataragama (Astaghfiruallahal Azeem). Authentic Islamic-Sufi traditions also do not speak of Khidr (as) drinking the water of Life to become immortal.  (La haula wal quwwata illah billah).
As we have mentioned above,  Sufi Babas  connected with Kataragama are Universal Sufis, who preach strange theories away from Islam. They mislead innocent Muslims by claiming that they are divinely guided and commanded.  We pray Allah (swt) to save innocent people from these fake  Sufis Babas.   



Watch this Video Clip, made on 21st April, 2012, on the occasion of the 90th Birth Day of Nazim al-Haqqani by his son Bahauddin Effendi, in which he claims that Nazim al-Haqqani taught him that "Buddha was the companion of the Prophet and he (Buddha) was teaching from the teachings of the Prophet".  He did not elaborate Bhddha was companion of which Prophet. The Video is available on Watch this video clip.
As we have informed earlier that during an Interview in 1990 Nazim al-Haqqani stated the following :  "Now I am in my seventies, and you must believe that I am knowing person.  If a person knows, you do not say that he believes I am knowing, and you must believe that ...." Read more...
Let us see if the above claim of Nazim al-Haqqani about Buddha is truthful in the light of Quran, Ahadith and Islamic established traditions.



Gautama Buddha or Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha ( सिद्धार्थ गौतम बुद्ध);  (563 - 483 BC), born in Kapileswara, Odisha, India, was a spiritual teacher, on whose teachings Buddhism was founded.  He was born in a royal Hindu Kshtriya family. At 16 he married and had a son named Rahula.



It is reported that at the age of 29, he lost interest in palatial comforts and left his father's Kingdom to live a life of mendicant. He wandered for about six years and then sat under a pipal tree (Bodhi tree) in Bodh Gaya, India. According to Buddhist beliefs, he received "Enlightenment" after a few weeks meditation, and from then on, Gautama was called as Buddha, meaning awakened one. After his awakening, Buddha traveled, for the rest of his 45 years of life, and spread his new teachings among people.



Buddha explicitly rejected the concept of a Creator (Almighty God) and denied endorsing any views on creation of this Cosmos.   There are many schools of thought in Buddhism, but more or less, the sole aim of spiritual practice of all, is  the complete alleviation of stress in samsara (life), called nirvana (the state of bliss free from all worldly binds).

While Theravada Buddhists view Buddha as a human being who attained nirvana or Buddha-hood (the state of bliss free from all worldly binds), through human efforts;  Mahayana Buddhists consider him an embodiment of the cosmic Dharmakaya, (embodiment of truth) born for the benefit of others.  


Buddhist Mahabodhi temple at Bodh, Gaya, India.

Buddhists accept the existence of Devas (Gods) (Super Beings in Higher Realms) but they (the gods), like humans, are said to be suffering in samsara, and are not necessarily wiser than us. Buddha is often portrayed as a teacher of gods  and superior to them.


It is in Quran - قُولُوا آمَنَّا بِاللَّهِ وَمَا أُنزِلَ إِلَيْنَا وَمَا أُنزِلَ إِلَىٰ إِبْرَاهِيمَ وَإِسْمَاعِيلَ وَإِسْحَاقَ وَيَعْقُوبَ وَالْأَسْبَاطِ وَمَا أُوتِيَ مُوسَىٰ وَعِيسَىٰ وَمَا أُوتِيَ النَّبِيُّونَ مِن رَّبِّهِمْ لَا نُفَرِّقُ بَيْنَ أَحَدٍ مِّنْهُمْ وَنَحْنُ لَهُ مُسْلِمُونَ   [Meaning - Say (O’ Muslims), We believe in Allah (swt) and that which has been sent down to us and that which has been sent down to Abraham (Ibrahim – as), Ishmael (Ismael - as), Isaac (Is-haq - as), Jacob (Ya'qub – as), and to Al-Asbât (the twelve sons of Jacob Ya'qub – as), and that which has been given to Moses (Musa -as) and Jesus ( Isa -as), and that which has been given to the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and to Him we have submitted (in Islam)].’ (Al-Baqara – 136).

The above Quranic verse clearly establishes the fact that all Prophets were sent down with the same message – belief in Allah (swt) as Rabbul Aalameen. 

Thus, a person who is rejecting Allah (swt) as the Creator of this Cosmos cannot be a real Prophet or companion of a real Prophet. 

Believing Nazim al Haqqani's misleading teachings, his followers claim that Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) was a successor to Buddha, and the greatest Buddha was a Prophet. (Astaghfirullahal Azeem) 

We do not understand how come Nazim al-Haqqani believed that Buddha was a Prophet or a companion of a Prophet?

May be, Nazim al-Haqqani believed in his spiritual powers and the knowledge and guidance that was coming to him from somewhere, (we do not know from where).  This is the reason he also rejected the explicit commandments of Allah (swt) and His Apostle Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) in this regard.  (Astaghfirullahal Azeem).   

Our readers, who are interested to know, from where Nazim al-Haqqani received commandments, please watch the following video clip.



Nazim al-Haqqani is saying (in the above video clip) that someone appeared to him, from Mars, Saturn or Jupitor, and gave him Fatwa that he can swear any number of times, more than 40 times in day, and it is allowed for him. Since he is from "Utaqa" (high saint), therefore, he is not accountable for sins.  The pen has stopped writing anything about him, meaning the angels who record deeds are no longer there and he has been freed completely to do whatever he likes. (Astaghfiruallah).


British Historian Ronald Hutton,  wrote that followers of Shammanism by their chants cross over to underworld of spirits.  And they are noted future tellers. 

There is a distinction between Shamans and other magico-religious Gurus who are believed to contact spirits, such as "spiritual healers", "universal Sufis" and "witch doctors" who practice specific techniques. 

We all know, the above issues are totally un-Islamic.  Haqqanis should know that no one in Islam is above Sharia, even the Prophets followed the Sharia they had brought, and became an example to the people. Therefore, what was being visualized by Nazim Haqqani in his so called dreams/visions was  un-Islamic.  




What is Perennialism?

Perennialism or Perennial philosophy has its roots in Platonism  which was condemned by Imam Ghazali during his lifetime ( 1058–1111). Perennialism is also known as 'Universalism' and 'Traditionalism'. This is based on the philosophy that all religions are truthful and you follow any religion, you will get salvation in Hereafter.  In Indian sub-Continent, this thought is known as 'Sulah-e-Kulli'.   

'Perennialist Sufis' have infiltrated into many Sufi orders in the world. They treat Sufism as a religion, independent of Islam. They also claim  Sufism predates Islam.  Nazim al-Haqqani, Dr. Taher-ul-Qadri and many others who have signed Amman Message belong to this group.

The famous Khalifa of Nazim al-Haqqani, Shaikh Hisham Kabbani, who lives in US, wrote on his website '' as follows:

Wherever he goes, he spreads the (Perennialist) Sufi teachings of the brotherhood of mankind and the 'unity of belief in God that is present in all religions and spiritual paths'. His efforts are directed at bringing the diverse spectrum of religions and spiritual paths into harmony and concord. 


(a) Shaikh Nazim's association with Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan


A young woman kissing the hand of Hisham Kabbani



Answering a question, Shaikh Hisham Kabbani, the Khalifa of Nazim al-Haqqani,  claimed the following in an interview:

"Enlightened masters in all countries are preparing their followers with limited power because there is no permission to reveal and use miraculous power. Sufism from its beginning was supported by the miraculous power of its saints but that miraculous power is not allowed to be used now. Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan is not using it, but is using the ordinary way to teach.  They are not going into a higher level of consciousness because if they go to a higher level... ohhh, that would bring confusion to this world, and there is no permission to use such power until the proper time.  But this time is coming very soon, when you are going to see miraculous power spread all over this world. Now it is sometimes used in limited ways, but not for everyone to use or everyone to witness.Read more. Haqqanis have since removed this reference from their website.

When you read the above statement carefully, you will realize that Hisham Kabani is talking about the practices of Shamanism in the guise of Sufism.  Read the following.

Oxford Dictionary defines "Shamanism is a practice that involves a Shamani Guru reaching altered states of consciousness in order to encounter and interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world

'Shaman' is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of  spirits, who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual (incantation, magic spell, chanting) and practices divination."  Read more..


Nazim Haqqani  paid a visit to the abode of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan in Lebanon, New York, during his first visit to the United States in 1991.

It is reported that Hisham Kabbani used to sit in the feet of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan whenever he met him alone. Meaning, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan will sit on a couch, and Hisham Kabbani will sit on the ground in front of him to show his utmost respect to Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan.
Nazim al-Haqqani and Hisham Kabbani sitting with Vilayat Inayat Khan.  
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, son of Pir Inayat Khan, belongs to Non-Muslim Universal Sufi Groups who have disconnected their teachings from Islam.  Adherents of such schools assert that Sufism pre-dates Islam, and thus in principle,  is universal and independent of Islam. Hence these Sufis and their followers are not Muslims, though they try to fool innocent people with their confusing rhetoric and conflicting claims. 
         Pir Inayat Khan
Sufi Order International, and its three Pirs : (1) Pir Inayat Khan (1882 – 1927), (2) his son, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan (1916 - 2004 ), and (3) the grandson, and current Chief,  Pir Zia Inayat Khan, who studied Buddhism under Dalai Lama by staying in Dharamsala, India for a few years. This Sufi Order  calls itself "Chishtiyya".
It is established beyond doubt that Nazim al-Haqqani and his Khulafa, including Hisham Kabbani and others, believe Non-Muslim fake Sufis and Babas as Authentic Sufi Shaikhs and also testify to their spiritual powers which are definitely not acquired through Islamic teaching and practices. Their respect, love and association with Sufi Order International and its Pirs testify to this fact. 
Other Universal Sufis active in the West, are Nimatullahi order (of Nurbaksh Shah Neimatullah), Bulent Rauf, Irina Tweedie, Idries Shah, Muzaffer Ozak, etc.
According to Idries Shah, the Sufi philosophy is universal in nature, its roots predating the rise of Islam and the other modern-day religions. 
Similarly, Nazim al-Haqqani believed Buddha as an enlightened associate of an authentic Prophet.  In addition, his visits to Kataragama every year in eighties and nineties show how deeply he was involved with Universal Sufism, away from Islam. Haqqanis also regard Universal Sufis as authentic, as we have described above in the case of Vilayat Inayat Khan. These are chilling facts for the followers of Haqqani Sufi Order.
Watch following video (at 7.12), Dr. Nurbakhsh Shah Neimatullah (1926-2008), Pir of Neimatullahi Sufi Order, based in UK. He confessed the following:
"Only the intelligent one know that we are not Muslims.  Stupid ones think we are Muslims like them".  Watch the video clip at 7.10 (minutes).
The present head of Neimatullahi Sufi order is Dr. Alireza Nurbaksh, popularly kown as Reza Ali Shah, who lives in UK. Click here to know more about Nimatullahi Sufi order.
(b) Haqqanis' association with Gohar Shahi  
Hisham Kabbani, Nazim al Haqqani's son in law and Khalifa, and In Charge of Haqqani Order in US, was honored  to sit in the feet of Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi, who claimed himself 'God of gods'. 
The picture shows Hisham Kabbani touching the shin of Gohar Shahi and looking at him with a lot of respect, devotion and dedication, like a student sits in the feet of a spiritual grand shaikh
Watch this video clip of this meeting which took place when Gohar Shahi visited United States.  During their conversation, Gohar Shahi is explaining him how the Dhikr al Qalib should be done and Hisham Kabbani listens to his explanations with a lot of attention.
Haqqani followers claim that what Shaikh Kabbani did was a gesture to a spiritual Guru and that Kabbani did not know the beliefs of Gohar Shahi.  This claim looks doubtful because Hisham Kabbani migrated to United States in 1991 and his meeting with Gohar Shahi took place in 1997.   
Gohar Shahi became very popular in Pakistan during late 1970s.  He formed RAGS International and Anjuman Serfaroshan-e-Islam in 1980. RAGS International is still active as Messiah Foundation International whereas Anjuman Serfaroshan-e-Islam was banned in Pakistan. 
Gohar Shahi and his followers were prosecuted in Pakistan for blasphemy and there were court cases pending against Gohar Shahi in various Pakistani Courts. To avoid prosecution, he fled to London from where he visited many countries. 

In an interview in London on 28th July 1997 Gohar Shahi  claimed that he met with Jesus Christ (Isa - as) in his Hotel Room.  This interview was widely publicized throughout the world.  Watch this video clip for details.
By the time he met Kabbani in late 1997, Gohar Shahi's lectures and his claims and beliefs were extremely popular all over the world as a lot was written about him in the Press in many countries. Many TV and Radio Stations, like BBC and American Journals had taken several interviews from Gohar Shahi.  Nazim al Haqqani and Kabbani surely knew all these details because they were regular annual visitors to UK where Gohar Shahi was living This is the reason, Kabbani sat in the feet of Gohar Shahi as a mark of respect shown to a grand shaikh. He also praised Gohar Shahi during that meeting  The video also shows that Shaikh Kabbani was addressing Gohar Shahi as "Shaikh". Also  Gohar Shahi followers claimed that Gohar Shahi gave Zikr Qalb to Shaikh Kabbani during that meeting.
Haqqanis official website '' has posted the following on November 29, 2010  in this regard. 
QUOTE : Whoever claimed that Shaykh Hisham came to take dhikr from Gohar Shahi, in fact lied.  Gohar Shahi requested to visit Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani at his home in California.  Shaykh Hisham did not know this person, and in the tradition of Muslim hospitality, invited him into his home and showed him the respect due to someone who was outwardly a pious scholar and tariqah shaykh. Later false and nonsensical claims that Shaykh Hisham took baya` or took awrad from him are invalid.  UNQUOTE -  Read more...
Who is Gohar Shahi? 

Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi (ریاض احمد گوھر شاہی), was born on November 25, 1941, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.  He died in  Sindh, Pakistan in 2001 and was buried their. 


Gohar Shahi is infamous for his strange beliefs. All his beliefs can be read at their official website which is run by his deputy Younus al-Gohar. 



Some of the outrageous beliefs of Gohar Shari are given below. 

(1) He is Rabbul Arbaab (God of gods)

(2) There are 3.5 Crore Gods existing in Aalam-e-Ghaib (the World of Unseen), and Gohar Shahi has come from Aalam-e-Ghaib, and he is the ultimate God of all Creatures.  He is addressed as Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi by his followers.

(3) Gohar Shahi's knowledge is bigger than Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم).

(4)  Gohar Shahi claimed that all Prophets are his slaves.

(5) Gohar Shahi's Deputy Younus al-Gohar is bigger in status than Prophets.

Gohar Shahi has written a small booklet titled "Deen-e-Elahi", whose foreword has been written by his Deputy Younus al-Gohar.  The book "Deen-e-Elahi" (The Religion of God, published in 2000) was re-published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, translated into English, Arabic, Thai, Persian, and Hindi by Messiah Foundation International.  This 50 page booklet contains all strange things.  You can read this booklet in English on this link. 

There are two factions of Gohar Shahi's devotees.  'The Anjuman Serfaroshan-e-Islam (ASI) faction are reported to have buried him after his death in 2001.  They have also built a tomb over his grave at Markazi Aastana in Kotri, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan, where his devotees perform pilgrimage. Gohar Shahi's family, including his wife, five sons and a daughter, still reside in Kotri, Sindh, Pakistan.

There is another faction of the devotees of Gohar Shahi Messiah Foundation International (MFI) based in US. They claim that Gohar Shahi disappeared in 2001 and is only visible to Younus Gohar, the head of this faction. 

Younus al Gohar, is claimed to be the official Representative of Gohar Shahi.  He has established Messiah Foundation International (MFI). He was born on June 16, 1970 in Karachi, Pakistan and claimed to have met Gohar Shahi when he was 15 years old and spent 24 years in his company.  

Younus  claims that in 1999, Gohar Shahi stated "I will meet only Younus now on, and Younus shall meet the world on behalf of me."
Younus claims that on Gohar Shahi's instructions, he formed "Mehdi / Messiah Foundation International" and "Kalki Avatar Foundation" to propagate Rama Ram Riaz Gohar Shahi’s miraculous doctrine.  Read more ...

Minhaj Ul Quran International, headed by Dr. Taher Ul Qadri are also claimed to be the devotees of Gohar Shahi.  It is reported that followers of Minhaj ul Quran have benefited from the spiritual lessons of Gohar Shahi.  He was a regular teacher of Minhaj ul Quran during his life time.  Watch following video clip.  




Watch Part (2) and Part (3) of these videos on these links. There are many videos on you tube showing Gohar Shahi teaching spirituality to his Minhaj ul Quran devotees.
(c) Haqqanis' association with George Gurdjiefff
Haqqanis brag about the connection of their Grand Shaikh Abdullah ad-Daghestani with George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff. 
Hisham Kabbani hugging and kissing a young woman on her head
Hisham Kabbani wrote about the meeting of Abdullah Daghestani with Gurdjiefff in his book titled "The Naqshbandi Sufi Way: History and Guidebook of the Saints of the Golden Chain", (Kazi Pub., US, 1995) as follows:  
"Russian Teacher (Spiritual Sheikh) George Gurdjieff visited Haqqani Grand Sheikh Abdullah Daghestani in Istanbul, Turkey, and was blessed by the Grand Sheikh. After the meeting, Grand Sheikh advised Gurdjieff to keep the meeting secret in his heart and do not speak of it in this life." 
Grand Sheikh Abdullah Daghestai gave Gurdjieff the title of "Abd an-Nur" (Enlightened One) and said  "that is your name with us, you are free to stay or go as your responsibilities allow. The Sheikh further said, 'You are always welcome with us.  You have attained safety in the Divine Presence.  May God strengthen you in your work'.   
During the meeting, Gurdjieff reported to have told Abdullah Daghestani that  "Through your (Daghestani's) spiritual power I was able to ascend to the knowledge of the power of the Nine Points (Enneagram).  A voice told me the light has been given to you from the Divine Presence to bring peace to your heart.  However, you must not use the power of this knowledge".  Read more...  

In 1953, John G. Bennett, the famous disciple of Gurdjieff also had a mysterious meeting with Abdullah ad-Daghestani.    Read more...


The Enneagram is a nine pointed figure usually inscribed within a circle.


Gurdjieff is quoted by Ouspensky as follows: "It (Enneagram) was an ancient secret and was now being partly revealed for the first time, though hints of the symbol could be found in esoteric literature. It is derived from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, as used in Renaissance Hermeticism, which used an Enneagram of three interlocking triangles, also called a nonagram or a nine-pointed figure used by the Christian medieval philosopher Raymond Lull.  ( Reference -  James Webb, The Harmonious Circle: The Lives and Work of G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, and Their Followers, (New York and London: Putnam USA, and Thames and Hudson, 2001).  

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1866–1949) was an Armenian, and Head of an infamous Universal Group called "Fourth Way" which, as described by Gurdjieff himself, was different from the teachings of 'Sufi Fakir', 'Buddhist Monk' and 'Hindu Yogi'.  At one point he described his teaching as "esoteric Christianity". 
It is reported that Gurdjieff was a charismatic hypnotist, and a spy, who worked as a Russian secret agent in Tibet during the early part of the twentieth century. In Tibet he is reported to have taught spirituality to 13th Dalai Lama.  
Gurdjieff declared that Shamanism was the source of their occult traditions.  Read more...
His students were explained that vast majority of humanity lives their entire lives in a state of hypnotic "waking sleep", but that it was possible to transcend to a higher state of consciousness.
Gurdjieff developed a method to achieve this state; calling his discipline "the Method" for awakening one's consciousness.  The method consisted of (1) Music, (2) Movements, and (3) Group Work.
Many of Gurdjieff's followers suspected that he used black magic to ensnare (entrap) and manipulate people. His students used to get enamored (bewitched) of Gurdjieff, which made them vulnerable to manipulation. Gurdjieff admitted that he possessed hypnotic powers and he employs them on his students. 
In 'Herald of Coming Good' (the first book published by Gurdjieff in 1933 in Paris, available on Amazon) he revealed that he was a professional hypnotist.
A fact that Gurdjieff was a hypnotist and uses spells, caused consternation (distress) among many of his followers who were fearful that they are under the influence of hypnotism.  Gurdjieff, however, claimed that he used his magical powers to awaken his followers from the sleep of everyday conditioned life.
The million dollar question is, how come a person like Gurdjieff was given the name of "Abd an-Noor by Abdullah Daghestani?  And Daghestai told him that " You have attained safety in the Divine Presence.  May God strengthen you in your work".  
Another million dollar question is,  how come Nazim Haqqani was so closely associated with Gurdjieff and was a regular visitor to Gurdjieff events?    
Nazim al Haqqani had been a regular speaker  at Gurdjieff events.  Read more...
The Telegraph newspaper of UK wrote an obituary on the death of Nazim Haqqani on May 12, 2014.  The paper wrote "Nazim Haqqani was enthusiastic proponent of the West's (Nato's) war on Terror.  In 2003 he declared that Tony Blair and George Bush had achieved Sainthood due to their efforts in "fighting tyrants and evil and devils.
The Telegraph also wrote, Nazim Haqqani became an associate of Gurdjieff, a Greco-Armenian Guru and Mystic; and John Bennett, a British follower of Gurdjieff." Read more... 
John Bennett was also the follower of Shivapuri Baba, a Hindu Yogi.  Read more...
Colin Wilson wrote about Gurdjieff's reputation for seducing his female students.
Colin Wilson wrote "in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1960, a man was pointed out to me, as one of Gurdjieff's illegitimate children.
The professor who told me this also assured me that Gurdjieff had left many  such children around America".
Gurdjieff's former students testify that his behavior displayed the unsavory and impure character of a man who was a cynical manipulator of his followers.
According to Rom Landau, a journalist in the 1930s, as reported to him by Achmed Abdullah: at the beginning of the 20th century, Gurdjieff was a Russian secret agent in Tibet who went by the name of "Hambro Akuan Dorzhieff" Chief Tutor to the Dalai Lama.  Read more...
There are 3 types of Non-Muslim Sufi Organizations and Orders in the world as follows:

(a) Non-Mulim Sufi organizations and Orders
There are many Non-Muslim Sufi Organizations and Orders in the world.  Prominent among them are:   (i) Sufi Order International (ii) Sufi Ruhaniat International, (iii) Mevlevi Order of America, (iv) The Golden Sufi Center, (v) Sufi Foundation of America, (vi) Sufism Reoriented, whose leader is Meher Baba, (vii)  Niematullahi Sufi order, etc.
(b) Quasi-Muslim Sufi Organizations and Orders
There are some Quasi-Muslim Sufi Organizations and Orders in the world, in which, although, the shaikh himself/herself adhered or adheres to Shari'a, however, the practice of Islam was/is not made a condition for the followers for receiving instructions on following the Sufi path. Meaning all their followers are called  Sufis, irrespective of their faith.
The behavior of Shaikh in these organizations is confusing; like he may have identified himself as a Muslim on some occasions, and on other occasions may have identified himself as a member of another faith, or may have treated people from different faith as true believers.
Prominent among Quasi-Muslim Sufi Organizations are (1) Baba Mohiuddin Fellowship, and (2) The Threshold Society of Mevlvi Order, etc.
(c) Pseudo-Muslim Sufi Organizations and Orders
The pseudo-Muslim Sufi Organizations are the worst enemies of Islam and Muslims.    There are many Pseudo-Islamic Sufi Organizations in the world, whose characteristics are as follows:
(i) All these organizations and scholars claim that they are genuine Islamic Ahle Sunnah Organizations.
(ii) The scholars and Shuyooks of these Organizations preach different things on different occasions.  Like they will claim that Christians, Jews and Muslims are all true believers.  However, when they are with Ahle Sunnah Muslims, they will say that Christians and Jews are not true believers.  They will misinterpret Quranic verses and Ahadith to fool innocent people. 
(iii) These Organizations, and their scholars, namely, Abdullah bin Bayyah, Taher Ul Qadri, late Abdullah Al-Harariyy Al-Habashi, Ali Habib Al-Jifri, Hamza Yusuf Hanson, Abdul Hakim Murad, Nuh Ha Mim Keller, etc., have signed Amman Message which testifies that all Muslim Sects are true Muslims. The Scholars who have signed Amman Message do not mind going against the commandments of Quran and Sunnah in which it is specifically mentioned that out of 73 Sects of Muslims, only one is on the right path and the rest will be thrown into Hell Fire.
It is reported that Habib Ali Jifri, a Yemani scholar, Prince Ghazi bin Mohammad bin Talal of Jordan and Dr. Mustafa Ceric, Grand Mufti of Bosnia-Herzegovina, have helped in the making of Amman Message. For their services, they received Eugen Biser Christian Missionary Award in 2008.
Ammanis confuse people between the terms "Muslim" and "Momin". In Quran the words 'Muslim' (Follower of Islam) and 'Momin' (Believer in Allah -سبحانہ و تعا لی and Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم ) have been used interchangeably (in an undifferentiated manner). In both the cases, the addressee is a person who has accepted Islam as his religion. Look at the following Quranic verse. All titles have been used essentially for Muslims only.  What these titles depict is the merits of their steadfastness (Taqwa) in religion. 

It is in Quran -   إِنَّ الْمُسْلِمِينَ وَالْمُسْلِمَاتِ وَالْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَالْمُؤْمِنَاتِ وَالْقَانِتِينَ وَالْقَانِتَاتِ وَالصَّادِقِينَ وَالصَّادِقَاتِ وَالصَّابِرِينَ وَالصَّابِرَاتِ وَالْخَاشِعِينَ وَالْخَاشِعَاتِ وَالْمُتَصَدِّقِينَ وَالْمُتَصَدِّقَاتِ وَالصَّائِمِينَ وَالصَّائِمَاتِ وَالْحَافِظِينَ فُرُوجَهُمْ وَالْحَافِظَاتِ وَالذَّاكِرِينَ اللَّهَ كَثِيرًا وَالذَّاكِرَاتِ أَعَدَّ اللَّهُ لَهُم مَّغْفِرَةً وَأَجْرًا عَظِيمًا  ( Indeed for Muslim men and Muslim women, Believing men and Believing women, devoted men and devoted women, truthful men and truthful women, steadfast men and steadfast women, humble men and humble women, charitable men and charitable women Allah has readied forgiveness and huge rewards) (Al-Ahzab - 35)

(A) The First Amman Message claimed all Muslim sects are "believers", irrespective of their conflicting un-Islamic beliefs. Branding Amman Message as Ijma (consensus) of 72 deviated sects, they are compelling innocent Muslims to believe in schools of thoughts of all Sects as real Islam.  Read more...
(B) The Second Amman Message  titled "Amman Interfaith Message" claimed Christians and Jews as "believers" in spite of their polytheistic beliefs.
It is in Quran -  وَقَالَتِ الْيَهُودُ عُزَيْرٌ ابْنُ اللَّهِ وَقَالَتِ النَّصَارَى الْمَسِيحُ ابْنُ اللَّهِ ۖ ذَ‌ٰلِكَ قَوْلُهُم بِأَفْوَاهِهِمْ ۖ يُضَاهِئُونَ قَوْلَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا مِن قَبْلُ ۚ قَاتَلَهُمُ اللَّهُ ۚ أَنَّىٰ يُؤْفَكُونَ  [ Meaning - The Jews call 'Uzair a son of Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی), and the Christians call Christ the son of Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی). That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah's (سبحانہ و تعا لی) curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth! ] (At-Taubah - 30)
(C) The third Amman Message came in shape of a document titled "A Common Word", in which they initiated a dialogue with Christians and Jews to unite them with Muslims as "Believers".
(D) The fourth Amman Message is being developed under a Project titled "Common Ground between Islam and Buddhism" in which Buddhists are expected to be declared as "Believers" on par with Christians, Jews and Muslims.
Prince Ghazi bin Mohammad, the special envoy of King Abdullah II of Jordan, and his Team are working on a Project titled "Common Ground between Islam and Buddhism",  launched on May 12, 2010. The project is based on the following important review points which have been placed as link on the official  'A Common Word' Website. Read more...    
(a) After a number of meetings in Jordan between HH the 14th Dalai Lama and HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, a true and profound “Common Ground” between Islam and Buddhism has been formally recognized.
(b) Although Buddhism is clearly non-theistic, the ultimate Reality affirmed by Buddhist thought, and the supreme goal sought by it, is proposed to correspond closely with the Essence (al-Dhāt) (Unity) of God in Islam. (Astaghfirullah). 
(c) The Islamic scholars should attempt to help Muslims to see Buddhism as a True Religion or Deen, and Buddhists to see Islam as an authentic Dharma.  
A closer look of the above, will lead anyone to conclude that, soon a document will be issued by King Abdullah II,  declaring Buddhists also as "Believers" on par with Christians, Jews and Muslims.  And for this purpose, some Quranic verses and Ahadith will be misinterpreted to convince innocent Muslims.  
Buddha explicitly rejected the concept of a Creator (Almighty God) and denied endorsing any views on creation of this Cosmos.  Buddhists believe in the existence of Devas (Gods) (Super Beings in Higher Realms) but they (the gods), like humans, are said to be suffering in Samsara (life), and  Buddha is portrayed as a teacher of gods  and superior to them.
Why Buddhism is being included in Amman Message?  
Amman Message is the Zionists concept of Unity of Religions.  It is reported that a large number of Jews currently practice Buddhism. Rodger Kamenetz, the author of "The Jew in the Lotus", says, 'a third of all Western Buddhist leaders come from Jewish roots'.  More than half of the participants in the Vipassana Meditation Retreat near Dharamsala, India are Israelis.  According to one estimate, three out of four Western visitors to the Spiritual Center of Tibetan Buddhism and the Seat of the Dalai Lama are Jewish.  Most of the signs in Dharamsala sport Hebrew letters. Read more...
Some Ammanis claim that all Muslim sects are true Muslims, only the difference is their grade of kufr and deviancy. This is a strange logic.  Kufr is Kufr, whatever type and whatever grade it is.  The so called Ahle Sunnah scholars and their followers (who have signed Amman Message), including Shaikh Nazim have criticized and did takfeer of Salafis/Wahhabis on many occasions in the past. Shaikh Nazim is reported to have cursed Wahhabis at times.  However, it is strange that at one hand they claim Salafis are out of Islam, and on the other they claim that they are Muslims.  Most of the so called Ahle Sunnah Ulema who signed Amman Message, including Shaikh Nazim and his famous deputy Kabbani, openly supported Salafi terrorists' carnage in Syria.  Shaikh Nazim even asked his so called Khalifa e Islam, King Abdullah II of Jordan to go and win the war in Syria.  People are  bewildered. These scholars pleaded US and Nato to bombard Syria, like they did in the case of Iraq and Libya where over 2 million innocent Muslims were mercilessly massacred, many of whom (about half million) were children. The Ammani scholars and Haqqanis are secretly supporting Salafis and outwardly, in front of Muslims, they accuse Salafis of everything evil on Earth.
Nazim al-Haqqani, and his son-in-Law Kabbani have not formally signed the Amman Message, but are very active in promoting King Abdullah II or Jordon as Khalifa-e-Islam, who is the initiator of Amman Messages.
Ali Habib al-Jifri,  one of the authors of Amman Message, is sitting in the feet of Nazim al-Haqqani and taking ba'ya from him. 
Ali Habib al-Jifri  one of the authors of Amman Message is sitting in the feet of a famous Ammani scholar Taher Ul Qadri and taking Ijaza from him.  Read more.


Compilation of an Ammani Quran was started in 2005, after the declaration of Amman Message.  After 10 years work, the new Ammani Quran titled 'Study Quran' was published by HarperCollins publishers, New York, in 2015.  


The 'Study Quran' was published in line with Christian Bible and Jewish Talmud.  It does not contain verses of Quran in Arabic.  One has to read only English version of Quran like Bible and Torah/Talmud.


The Project Team who compiled this Quran included Caner K. DagliMaria Massi DakakeJoseph E.B. Lumbard, and Mohammed RustomDr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr, an Iranian born Shia scholar, currently based in the United States, was the Chief Editor and Team Lead.  Read more.

The following are the important features of this Quran.

(i) It is claimed by the Publishers that this book  is written with an aim to be part of the syllabi of all Universities/Educational Institutions in the world who are giving courses in Islamic subjects.  It is written from Christians/Jews and non-Muslims' point of view. The authors of this book treat Quran as an Object with its own voice.  They do not treat Quran as the word of God, as believed by Muslims. 

(ii) The secular language used in the book is extremely dangerous. After reading this book, one  will be more inclined to accept all religions as authentic. Some  essays have been included in the back of the book that lead people to believe in pluralism; meaning all religions are authentic and followers of all religions will get salvation in Hereafter. Particularly the essay written by  Joseph Lumbard entitled 'The Quranic View of Sacred History and Other Religions' is note worthy in this context.

(iii) The explanations in this book lead one to believe that  the belief in Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)  is optional, not essential for a person to get salvation in Hereafter.  Only the belief in one God is sufficient. Moreover, the book leads people to the understanding that  the belief in the Quran itself, in compliance with its injunctions and conformity with Islamic Sharia, is not compulsory for individuals living in the post Muhammadan world.  With this  understanding, the readers of this book  will surely renounce Islam as taught by Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) altogether and will embrace Ammanism as their religion. 

(iv) There are many misinterpretations in this book that are aimed at converting Muslims into Ammanism.  Some of these misinterpretations are given below.  

(a) Kharijites have not been refuted for their outrageous beliefs, rather their beliefs have been diluted to exonerate them from disbelieve. 

(b) The book does not reject the Christian belief of trinity;  rather it  is misinterpreted in such a way that the reader starts endorsing the Christian Trinity belief.      

(c) The Quranic emphasis of sodomy and punishment of the people of Lot (عليه السلام) has been diluted  to lead people to believe that there is a difference between consensual sex and forced sex and the people of Lot (عليه السلام) were not punished for sodomy per se, rather they were punished for their overall crime, particularly their pedophile tendency.

(d) The issue related to Zina and its Hudud punishment has been diluted in the book to an extent that people start believing that what Muslims practiced for hundreds of years was based on the misinterpretation of earlier scholars of Islam.   

(v) All Ammani scholars have endorsed this book. Shaikh Hamza Yusuf, Co-Founder of Zaituna College, California, an Ammani scholar in US, endorsed this Quran by saying "this is perhaps the most important work done on the Islamic faith in the English Language to date.  Read more. 



On September 25, 2017, newspapers reported that US State Department will control Islamic books taught in Universities, Schools and Islamic Institutions all over the world.  For this purpose an agreement has been reached between Saudi Arabia and United States.

Ever since Wahhabis/Salafis came to power in Arabian Peninsula in the beginning of 19th century, they have been involved in changing Islamic literature to spread Wahhabism in the name of Islam. 



Wahhabis/Salafis have published a Wahhabi Quran titled 'The Noble Quran' by changing the meanings of the verses of Quran. They also changed almost all Ahadith books and distributed them all over the world. For this purpose King Fahad Center was established in Madina. Saudi Arabia.  Through this center, they have distributed over a million copies of Quran all over the world for the past 70-80 years.

It is now clear that Wahhabis will abandon Wahhabism and embrace Ammanism. In collaboration with the United States Government, they have started a  new campaign to change Islamic books further and spread Ammanism in the world. For this purpose, a Center has been established in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to write new Ammani books to spread Ammani faith in the world in the name of Islam. 

It is reported that Saudis and Americans jointly will retrieve all Wahhabi books presently taught in schools and Universities in Saudi Arabia and other places around the world. These books will be replaced by new Ammani text books to be published by the Center in Riyadh.  Read more.

Watch the following video clip.

(iv) The Pseudo-Muslim Sufi Organizations and their scholars have joined hands  to make King Abdullah II of Jordan as Khalifa-e-Islam. Nazim al- Haqqani was on the forefront of this Conspiracy. He declared King Abdullah II of Jordan as Khalifa-e-Islam. He claimed that whoever does not accept King Abdullah II as Khalifa, is out of Islam and will die in the hands of Dajjal.  Read more...
(v) Haqqanis are working overtime to implement the Zionist plan to rule Islamic world with the help of a proxy Anglo-American Khalifa-e-Islam (King Abdullah II)  who is their well known puppet. They are playing in the hands of Zionists to scare Muslims to accept the Khalifa nominated by them. Astaghfiruallahal Azeem.  What will happen to these people in Hereafter, is anybody's guess.   Read more .

There is a well orchestrated Zionist conspiracy in the world  to declare King Abdullah II as Khalifa-e-Islam.  Nazim al-Haqqani  already declared him the Khalifa-e-Islam during his life time. Some stories are being concocted to prove the legitimacy of this fake Khilafat (Caliphate) among Muslims.  Watch this dangerous video clip.


Click here for English Translation of the above Video  


Also watch this video in which Nazim al-Haqqani declares that he has already given allegiance to King Abdullah II of Jordon. Nazim al-Haqqani also said that he has kissed the feet and hands of King Abdullah II.  Nazim Al-Haqqani says that immediately 10 countries have been given to the King, that include where recent Zionist conspired revolutions have taken place.  He is encouraging the King to enter Syria and capture it immediately.  Watch this video clip in which Nazim al Haqqani is giving the message of his baya to King Abdullah II of Jordan as Khalifa-e-Islam.


Click here for English Translation of the above Video 

Look what Nazim al-Haqqani is saying in support of King Abdullah II of Jordan. He says that he had a vision in which Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) has instructed him to make King Abdullah II as Khalifa-e-Islam. 

Look at the King, his wife and daughters attend public functions in designer semi naked dresses. Homosexuality is not a crime in his Kingdom. Wine is freely available.  


King Abdullah II, with Queen Rania, Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Iman. For more pictures of the King and his family Click Here



Queen Rania Al-Yassin, briefly worked as Marketing executive in Citibank and in Apple Inc., before her marriage to King Abdullah II of Jordan.  She is known as a sharp dresser with expensive tastes for designer goods, she is a fixture in London society pages. She was ranked as the third most beautiful woman in the world by Harpers and Queen magazine in 2005.  Read more...


Nazim al-Haqqani is working closely with Zionists to impose the King on Islamic Ummah? 

This kinds of statements involving Prophet's (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) name are seen with suspicion by Ahle Sunnah in the world because these cannot come from the mouth of a genuine Wali.

Read what Nazim al-Haqqani said:

"And now I am asking from everyone who can issue a Fatwa to proclaim that one who deserves to be a Khalifa is King Abdullah.  Allah (swt) and the angels support him. (Astaghfirullah). If you do not support him, not one of you will reach the time of Mahdi (as) and just before he comes, you will pass away and be buried with the worst of the unbelievers. (La haula wala quwwata illah billah)

O' Shaykh Hisham, ( He is addressing Hisham Kabani, his son-in-law) I request from you also and all who can issue a Fatwa, to say that this declaration is correct and that the right to the Caliphate belongs to the Lion, His Majesty, King Abdullah II". Read more.


It is reported that Nazim al Haqqani granted Saint Hood in March 2003, to George Bush, the then President of US, Tony Blair, the then Prime Minister of UK, Jose Maria Aznar,  the then Prime Minister of Spain, and John Howard, the then Prime Minster of Australia.  

Clarifying the reasons for awarding Saint hood to George Bush and Tony Blair;  Shaikh Nazim said the following:

QUOTE -   Allah sending Saint George Bush and Saint Tony Blair and their supporters to take over those tyrants (Iraq). Bush and Blair have been granted a sword from Heavens and they are never going to be failed through their fighting and they should finish it and then they are going to bring their sword to give to Jesus Christ when he is coming down. Reaching everywhere,  where there is a tyrant.  Turkey, China, Russia, Arabia, Egypt, Libya and other countries also. UNQUOTE


George Bush, who was grante4d Wilaya  by Nazim al-Haqqani in 2003, having fun with Beach Volleyball Team  in Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.


Awarding saint hood to Jose Maria Aznar (Spain PM) and John Howard (Australian PM), Nazim Haqqani said the following:

QUOTE - There is heavenly support for the Allied Powers. It is not its name ‘Iraqi freedom’, but this is coming to our knowledge and information: their fight, this war (is for the) Salvation of Humanity, not for the freedom of Iraq (only). No, for all humanity- to save mankind from the hands of tyrants. And they are supported 100% and should be successful 1000%. No worry! They have been granted for that purpose. And also the Spanish Prime minister (Jose Maria Aznar) is granted Sainthood from Heavens and also the Australian Prime minister (John Howard)… UNQUOTE




George Bush, Tony Blair and Jose Maria Aznar



Reiterating his award of Saint hood (Vilaya) to the above Heads of States, Shaikh Nazim further said the following : 

QUOTE - I am not speaking from my ego. It is a clear declaration (of awarding saint hood). If anyone is asking to change this, may come for challenge!  Bush and Blair have also guardians from Jinn and Ashabu Nauba, heavenly people, to guard them, not to be touched with any harm, Saint George Bush and Saint Tony Blair and others.  UNQUOTE


January 13, 2009 - US President George Bush presented former Australian PM John Howard with Medal of Freedom (highest US civilian award) for his services during Gulf War.


It looks Nazim Haqqani considered himself capable to granting Wilayah (Saint Hood) to any one, be it Muslim or not.  And look at the people to whom he is granting Saint Hood.  (La haula wala Quwwata illah billah). This testifies Nazim's belief about Sufism.  He considers Sufism has nothing to do with Islam and anybody, be it Muslim or not can be a Sufi and Saint.  This belief is known as Universal Sufism, away from IslamRead more .

The above facts were also available on  However,  they have now removed this page from their website.  Read more. 




George Bush with Hisham Kabbani, the son in Law of Shaikh Nazim who is In Charge of Haqqani Order in United States. The Picture is signed by George Bush wishing Kabbani good wishes.




Illuminatis / Freemasons have a peculiar handshake when they meet each other. This is a known fact all over the world. Read more.


Freemasonry and all other Secret societies like IlluminatisSkull and BonesKnights Templars, etc., are cults and there are many fatawas of Kufr against membership of these societies.  These societies are known for their notoriety and faithlessness in the world.




In January 1994 Shaikh Nazim declared during an interview in Cyprus as follows:

"Today TV stations are coming for recording an interview with me and they are interested to hear about Prince Charles, the Crown Prince of Great Britain, especially Turkish people from every level of society. They are really interested in Prince Charles' Islam, wondering if he really embraced Islam or not, and if he is accepting Tariqat from me (becoming my Murid) and is going to be my follower.  Yes, he is now a sincere Muslim.  It is not necessary for him to stand up in Trafalgar Square and say, 'La ilaha illa Allah Mohammadun Rasulullah (saws), I just embraced Islam.' If he is going to say it in such a way, perhaps people will throw everything, stones, eggs, tomatoes, onions at him. But he is clever enough and protected enough and he is also blessed. He going to meet Sayyidina Mehdi (as), and will become one of his wazirs (Ministers). "   Read more on these links...   (1)   (2) 


The Guardian Newspaper, UK reported on November 6, 2013 that Prince Charles along with his wife performed Puja in a Hindu temple in India during their visit to India. Read more... 


Watch the video clip in which Prince Charles is dancing with Saudi Salafi hosts during his visit to the Middle East in February 2014.





Watch the following video Clip uploaded on Youtube in February 2010, in which Shaikh Nazim praising Prince Charles and requesting him to send him Halwa (at 4.50).



Since Prince Charles does not own a Halwa factory and also UK is not famous for a special Halwa, it is not clear what Nazim Haqqani meant by requesting the Prince to send him Halwa?  People suspect that in the guise of Halwa, Nazim Haqqani was requesting something else from Prince Charles.




Hisham Kabbani with Prince Charles of UK. 




On the death of Prince Naif,  Nazim al-Haqqani also said - " He was  great among the family of Saud.  He is praised. And who dies in a foreign country is considered Shahid/Martyr.  Subhanallah, he died in a foreign country, therefore is considered as Shaheed.  Read more...
We all know Salafis believe in a Sky Idol God who has a physical body and who is sitting on the skies. We all know the deeds of Saudi Royal family and their princes.  Read more...
In 1987, Nazim Haqqani declared Adnan Oktar as Saint (Wali Allah). He told Adnan - "I am charged with telling you this today, and you have saint-hood (Wali).  Because you are saintly, you are one of the Awliya Allah."  Shaikh Nazim sent many gifts to Adnan Oktar consistently over the years during his life time.  Read more..
Nazim Haqqani announced that Adnan Oktar, is his (spiritual) son and he supports Oktar in all his activities. Watch this video (March 14, 2012 posted on Official Website of Nazim al Haqqani "Saltanat TV").
Watch the following video clip in which Nazim al-Haqqani is talking with Adnan Oktar on the telephone.
Watch this Video clip. It shows Adnan Oktar's meeting with Bahauddin Effendi (son of Nazim Haqqani  on Feb 24, 2012)
Watch following video clips in which Adnan Oktar confirms that he is the spiritual son of Shaikh Nazim.  Also Shaikh Nazim sent him several gifts including  his cloak and staff as a confirmation that Oktar is his Khalifa. 
Watch the following video clip in which Hisham Kabbani is praising  Adnan Oktar. 
Watch the following video clip in which Shaikh Mehmet, the elder son and successor of Nazim Haqqani praising  Adnan Oktar.
Adnan Oktar, also known as Adnan Hodja (Preacher Adnan) and, to his followers, he is Adnan Agabey (Big Brother Adnan), was born  in 1956 in Ankara, Turkey.  Read more about Adnan Oktar on the following links.
(1)  -  (2)  -  (3)  -  (4)  -  (5) -   (6)  -  (7)
Watch Sohbet Programs anchored by Adnan Oktar, the Wali, Khalifa and Spiritual Son of Nazim Haqqani on his Satellite A9 TV Channel. 
Many of our readers will be aghast to see these programs.
We were compelled to refer to these videos available on YouTube and public domains  so that  followers of Ammani scholars realize the nature of Ammani Islam.
Also watch these videos   (1)   -   (2)   -   (3)   -  (4)  -  (5)  -  (6)  -  (7)  -   (8)   -   (9)   -     (10)  -  (11)   -   (12)  -    (13)   -  (14)  -  (15)

Watch the following video clip, Adnan Oktar, who is a Khalifa and spiritual son of Nazim Haqqani feels proud that he is a Grandmaster 33rd Degree Freemason. He also shows the membership medals to the audience on his A9 TV Channel.

As we have described above, Freemasonry  and all other Secret societies like IlluminatisSkull and BonesKnights Templars, etc., are cults and there are many fatawas of Kufr against membership of these societies.  These societies are known for their notoriety and faithlessness in the world.

There is a process by which a person is allowed to enter Freemasonry.  First he becomes Entered Apprentice, then he is promoted to Fellow Craft, then ultimately he becomes Master Mason.  There is a long process, oaths and secrecy involved in the membership and promotion in Freemasonry.  Adnan Octar claims that he did not go through the process and Freemasons Lodge simply made him Master Mason. This is a strange claim because no one in the world was made a Master Mason the way as claimed by Adnan Oktar. Those who know about these secret societies will surely doubt the truthfulness of Adnan Octar's claims.




It looks Nazim  considered himself authorized to grant Wilayah (Saint Hood) to anybody, including non Muslims.
And look at the people to whom he is granting Saint Hood.  He granted Saint-hood and Deputy-ship of Imam Mahdi to the butchers of Millions of innocent Muslims in the world.  (La haula wala Quwwata illah billah).
In short, Nazim Haqqani considered Sufism has nothing to do with Islam and anybody, be it Muslim or not, can be a Sufi and Saint (Waliallah).  This   is AMMANISM

It is reported that Al-Jazeera TV, Doha, Qatar, approached Nazim al-Haqqani's for an Interview of him in Cyprus. Haqqani's close coterie told Al-Jazeera to wait for a day or two for reconfirmation. After one day, they contacted the TV Channel saying that Nazim al-Haqqani contacted Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) by phone and he gave him permission for the Interview. (Astghfirullahal azeem). Afterwords, Al-Jazeera received an e-mail from Nazim al-Haqqani in which he emphasized the TV to promote him as an undisputed Imam during the interview.
Al Jazeera Team arrived in Istanbul airport, en route to Cyprus with their Haqqani guides, who were scheduled to take them to Nazim al-Haqqani, for the proposed Interview.  However, they received the second e-mail from Nazim al-Haqqani while they were about to board the plane for Cyprus, with the following new conditions for the Interview:
(i) "Al-Jazeera Channel must pay Nazim al Haqqani US $ 10 million.
(ii) The Interview should be conducted in a Studio in front of live audience".
Al-Jazeera team were shocked, as they did not expect this kind of blackmail and demand of 10 million USD by Nazim al Haqqani when they were about to reach Cyprus. They abandoned the idea of interviewing Nazim al Haqqani.  Watch this interesting video clip.  
Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) prophesied about several events that will occur before the day of judgment.  Among these, the advent of Imam Mahdi (as) (the rightly guided Khalifa-e-Islam), followed by Prophet Isa (as) are important. There are authentic Ahadith in this context:
(i) It is in Hadith - The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)  said: "Even if the entire duration of the world's existence has already been exhausted and only one day is left (before the day of judgment), Allah will expand that day to such a length of time, as to accommodate the kingdom of a person from my Ahlul-Bayt who will be called by my name. He will fill out the earth with peace and justice as it will have been full of injustice and tyranny (by then)." (Tirmidhi, v2, p86, v9, pp 74-75; Sunan Abu Dawud, v2, p7; Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v1, pp 84,376; V3, p63)

(ii) It is in Hadith -The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)  said: "al-Mahdi is one of us, the members of the household (Ahlul-Bayt)." ( Sunan Ibn Majah, v2, Tradition #4085)

(iii) It is in Hadith - Narrated Ummul Momineen Umm Salama (رضي الله تعالى عنها), the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)  said: The Mahdi will be of my family, of the descendants of Fatimah  (ra).  (Sunan Abu Dawud, English version, Ch. 36, Tradition #4271; Sunan Ibn Majah, v2, Tradition #4086)

(iv) It is in Hadith - The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)  said: "We (I and my family) are members of a household that Allah (swt) has chosen for them the life of the Hereafter over the life of this world; and the members of my household (Ahlul-Bayt) shall suffer a great affliction and they shall be forcefully expelled from their homes after my death; then there will come people from the East carrying black flags, and they will ask for some good to be given to them, but they shall be refused service; as such, they will wage war and emerge victorious, and will be offered that which they desired in the first place, but they will refuse to accept it till they pass it to a man from my family (Ahlul-Bayt) appears to fill the Earth with justice as it has been filled with corruption. So whoever reaches that (time) ought to come to them even if crawling on the ice/snow since among them is the Vicegerent of Allah (Khalifatullah) al-Mahdi." Sunan Ibn Majah, v2, Tradition #4082; The History Tabari al-Sawa'iq al-Muhriqah, by Ibn Hajar, Ch. 11, section 1, pp 250-251)

(v) It is in Hadith - Abu Nadra ( رضي الله تعالى عنه ) reported: We were with the company of Jabir Ibn Abdillah... Jabir Ibn Abdillah kept quite for a while and then reported Allah's Messenger (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)  having said: "There would be a Caliph in the last (period) of my Ummah who would freely give handfuls of wealth to the people without counting it." I said to Abu Nadra and Abu al-Ala: Do you mean Umar Ibn Abd al-Aziz? They said: NO, (he would be Imam Mahdi). (Sahih Muslim, English version, v4, chapter MCCV, p1508, Tradition #6961;   Sahih Muslim, Arabic version, Kitab al-Fitan, v4, p2234, Tradition #67).

(vi) It is in Hadith - "al-Mahdi is from our Ahlul-Bayt, no doubt Allah will enforce his appearance within a night (i.e., his coming is very unpredictable and is very sudden)." (Sunan Ibn Majah, v2, p269)

(vii) It is in Hadith - Hadhrat Abdullah bin Mas'ood (رضي الله تعالى عنه) says that Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)  said, "This world will not come to an end until one person from my progeny does not rule over the Arabs, and his name will be the same as my name." (Tirmidhi)

(viii) It is in Hadith - Hadhrat Ali (رضي الله تعالى عنه) narrates that Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)  said, "Even if only a day remains for Qiyamah to come, yet Allah will surely send a man from my family who will fill this world with such justice and fairness, just as it initally was filled with oppression." (Abu Dawood).

In all the above Ahadith, nowhere it is mentioned that Imam Mahdi will be the son of Hadhrat Hassan Askari (رضي الله تعالى عنه) who reportedly disappeared in his early age.  All Ahadith give the impression that Imam Mahdi  will be born among Ahle Baith in the end times. Therefore linking Imam Mahdi with the son of Hadhrat Hassan Askari (رضي الله تعالى عنه) who is reported to have disappeared in his childhood, is not correct. We do not want to go into the details of the Shia Story which they seem to have concocted to prove the legitimacy of Shia beliefs. There is no authenticity of Shia story anywhere in Ahle Sunnah literature.

Nazim al-Haqqani vehemently propagated Shia story about Imam Mahdi (as). He even claimed that when he was in seclusion with his Shaikh in Madina, his shaikh took him to Imam Mahdi, who is the son of Hadhrat Imam Askari (رضي الله تعالى عنه) and is hidden in a cave called Ghar as-Su`ada (the Happy Cave), in the Rub` al-Khali, the desert of Arabian Peninsula.  (Astaghfirullahal Azeem).

Nazim al-Haqqani told many stories to people during his life based on his wild imaginations. Most of these stories have no relevance to Islamic beliefs and teachings.

Watch the following video clip in which Nazim al Haqqani is claiming that Imam Mahdi is the son of Hadhrat Imam Askari (رضي الله تعالى عنه).




Nazim al - Haqqani claimed that he had seen a vision in which Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) disclosed to him the names of the deputies (Ministers) of Imam Mahdi which are depicted in the picture by his followers. 



Their names are (i) Sohibuz Zaman  Imam Muhammad Al Mahdi  (in the center), (ii) Shahamatu Fardani, (iii) Yusuf As Siddiq, (iv) Abdul Rauf Al Yamani, (v) Imamul Ariffin Amanul Haq, (vi) Lisanul Mutakallimin Awnullah As Sakhawi, (vii) Arifful Tayyar Al Ma'ruf bi Mulhan, (viii) Burhanul Kurama' Ghausul Anam.   Read more.


Nazim al - Haqqani is seen in this picture with Abdur Rauf Yamani one of the so called Ministers of Imam al-Mahdi (as). Read More.



Nazim Haqqani also claimed that Hisham Kabbani and his brother Adnan Kabbani are also the Deputies of Imam Mahdi (as).  Read more.

Nazim al Haqqani claimed that  Imam Mahdi (as) is,  his student and follower (Astaghfirullah).  He claimed that without the channel of  Nazim al Haqqani, the secret of Quran which has been passed down from the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) to Abu Bakr (ru), and from him right down the Golden chain of Succession of the Naqshbandi Tariqah to Nazim al Haqqani, cannot enter into the heart of Imam Mahdi (as). Nazim al Haqqani claimed that he was  going to teach Imam Mahdi (as) the knowledge of the Secret of the Quran during his life time. In this respect Imam Mahdi (as) is student of Nazim al Haqqani. Nazim al Haqqani is the key of the Secret of the Quran and he is the one who is going to plant this secret in the hearts of people (La haula wala quwwata illah billah). Read more on these links.  (Ref. 1),  (Ref. 2). 

(i) During a night of Ramadân 1406/1986 in Cambridge, England, Nazim al Haqqani said:  Imam Mahdi (as) was born between 1930 and 1940, so he is between 40 and 50 years of age. Then he was ordered to be in the Empty Quarters. That is where Yemen and Hijaz joining place is. Here there is a huge cave. Inside that cave there is the Dome of Happiness, which has been built by Angels. Mehdi (as) and his 99 Caliphs are there. They are waiting and expecting the Holy Command of Allâh Almighty to appear. And his appearance should be soon, Insha Allâh". ( Pages 140-43, ‘The secrets behind the secrets behind the secrets’, edited - 1987 ). 


(ii) Nazim Haqqani predicted in 1980 and again in 2000 that Imam Mahdi (as) was coming. Alas, Nazim himeslf has passed away and his predictions remained a hoax.  In 2011 he said that he met with Imam Mahdi (as) and Imam Mahdi (as) has already appeared in the world.  He has taken over the power. The only thing is he is currently not visible to the people.  However his open actions will start in Muharram ( in about 2 months time).  He also said, Imam Mahdi (as) will appear in Arafat.  He claimed that his son Mehmet was with him when he met Imam Mahdi (as), therefore, people should kiss his (Mehmet's) hands.  Watch this Video Clip. 

There is an authentic Hadith in Abu Dawood in which complete scenario of Imam Mahdi's appearance has been described.  And the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) said that Imam Mahdi (as) will appear in Khana e Kaba.

It is in Hadith - Umm Salamah رضي الله عنها narrated: The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: "Disagreement will occur upon the death of a Caliph and a man of the people of Medina will flee to Mecca. Some of the people of Mecca will come to him, bring him out against his will and make him accept their Bay'a (being chosen as a leader) (at a location) between the Rukn (corner of the Ka'ba containing the Black Stone) and the Maqam (Place) of Abraham (located on a side of the Ka'ba). An army from the people of AshSham (Greater Syria) will then be sent against him, but Khusf (land collapse) will happen to them (they will die) in the Baidaa (desert) between Mecca and Medina. When the people see this, the Abdal (pious eminent individuals) of Syria and the Asa'ib (pious individuals) of the people of Iraq will come to him and offer him Bay'a (accept his leadership) between the Rukn and the Maqam. A man from Quraish tribe , whose maternal uncles are from Kalb tribe, will arise and send against them (against the Mahdi & his supporters) an army which they (the Mahdi & his supporters) will overcome. That army will be made up of Kalb tribe. Whoever does not witness the spoils of (this battle with) Kalb tribe will be disappointed (because treasures will be found, according to some narration). He (the Mahdi) will divide (distribute) money (wealth), and will govern the people according to the Sunnah of their Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and establish Islam on Earth. He will remain seven years, then die, and the Muslims will pray over him." (Abu Dawud)  


(iii) Watch the following video clip in which Nazim Haqqani is saying that there are only 70 years left for the Dooms day? If a normal scholars predicted it on the basis of his knowledge, we can understand it.  But the followers of Nazim Haqqani claim that he is the Highest Wali, Khalifatullah on Earth, and whatever he says is directly from Allah (swt).  Nazim's detractors however laugh at these claims as they consider Nazim to be a habitual liar, who tried to keep himself in news by his self concocted flights of fantasy. 

It is in Hadith -  When Jibrael (as) came in the form of a Badouin and asked the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم  about Islam, then Eman, and then Ihsaan, the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم  answered him. But when Jibrael asked about the hour (qiyamah), the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said. "The one who is questioned does not have more knowledge about it than the questioner." (Almost all books of Ahadith)


(iv) Nazim Haqqani was  busy in scaring people for an impending war, in which he claimed, the Zionists and their Nato allies are on the right path and the others are destined to be doomed. Watch the following video clip.  Shaikh Nazim is talking word by word as perhaps being told to him from Zionists.  But he claims these instructions are received by him from Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم). Allahu Akbar. He claims that the hired mercenaries and snipers who are killing innocent people in Syria on the streets are all on the right path. He is calling people in Europe, Syria, Turkey and other places to stay indoors during July-October, 2012.

(v) The same thing he did in Millennium year 2000 when he asked people to stay indoors for an impending catastrophe. Many of his followers left their jobs, education and went to rural areas with their families, as per his instructions. They stayed their for several months and destroyed their living / education / homes.  Nazim al-Haqqani stayed indoors for several months saving his face from people. 

We are providing below some interesting statements taken from Nazim al Haqqani's books.

1. "The Blasphemers and the believers are equal”
2. "Allah (swt) is like Queen of England”
3. "My followers are better than Prophets”
4. "Do whatever you want. You will not be punished."
5. "Prayers are not obligatory on the wives; Do not pray."
6. "Fasting is not a valued matter; Do not fast."
7. "Eat unlawful (Haram) meat."
8. "Looking at someone's unlawful nakedness (awrah) is something good, even obligatory on some."

9. "Blasphemy is a temporary condition; simply by reciting Sura Fatiha anyone is guaranteed safety in the Hereafter." Read more.

(10) In a book co-authored by Nazim al Haqqani titled "Princes Diana's Death", he wrote that Allah (swt) laid treasurers on the Feet of Diana and put a crown on her head" Read more...

The original books of Shaikh Nazim are available in pdf format on the official Haqqani website.  Click Here. 




All through the Article, we have discussed strange beliefs and practices of Nazim al-Haqqani and how deceitful  he was in his  claims of dreams and so called spiritual visions.  It looks he was drum beating about his spiritual powers and the Shia story of Imam Mahdi (as)  to keep himself in the news and to draw people's attention towards him.

Nazim Haqqani's close association with Non-Muslim Sufis, his open support to Zionists/Salafists killings in Muslim countries and his actions in praising Bush and other NATO  leaders and declaring them as Awliya Allah are seen with suspicion by Muslims all over the world. Most important of all, his declaration of King Abdullah II of Jordan, who is the  Imam of Ammanism,  as Khalifa-e-Islam,  is seen as a total sell out of Islam and Muslims  in the hands of Zionists/Salafists. 

Nazim Haqqani sensationalized the coming of Imam Mahdi (as) with his fake visions and dreams and used Prophet's (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) name fearlessly without ever realizing that he has to show his face to Allah (swt) in Hereafter.  All through his life, he scared people many a times and asked them not to come out of their homes.  Believing him, many of his followers left their jobs and retreated to rural areas. In addition, nobody was allowed to get  in touch with Nazim Haqqani for months at a time. This kind of dramas were enacted many a times and every time his followers suffered a lot.  He created fear psycho among his followers scaring them from his self concocted wars and natural calamities.  Not even a single prediction of this kind came out to be true.   

Nazim Haqqani's followers have been brainwashed about his spiritual powers to an extent that when facts are presented to them, they turn their faces in opposite direction.  A die hard follower/Murid once wrote to us that "even God Almighty is jealous looking at the greatness of Nazim Haqqani" (Astaghfirullah).  Many of his followers claim that his statements are directly coming from God.  A follower claimed that even if Nazim Haqqani does anything questionable, even in complete disregard to Islamic Sharia, (like giving Vilaya to Bush and others, the butchers of over 2 million Muslims) we should accept it because he is authorized to do so by God Almighty. Allahu Akbar.  This is the height of blind faith.  What will happen to these followers in the Hereafter, is anybody's guess.





Nazim al-Haqqani's house in Lefke, Cyprus.  He lived in this house after moving out of Damascus till his death on May 7, 2014.  He was 92 years old.






Nazim al-Haqqani's Grave in Lefke, Cyprus



We hope that Nazim al-Haqqani's followers will realize the damage he has done to Islam and Muslims in general, and to thousands of his followers, in particular, from his strange rhetoric and his so called spiritual visions and dreams. We expect that his Murideen and followers will restrain themselves from causing further damage to Muslim Ummah. 

Will Haqqanis ever realize the damage they are causing to Islam and Muslims by their pseudo-sufi rhetoric; only the time will tell?  We hope they will come back to Sahih Iman leaving the path of Ammanism / Shamanism.  

We would like to reiterate that we have nothing against the person of Shaikh Nazim al-Haqqani, his followers,  or anyone mentioned in this Article. We have provided some facts in this Article and expect that these will help people to have a clear understanding of Islamic issues in order to strengthen their Sahih Iman.  

We sincerely regret if any of our statements in this article caused unintended discomfort to anyone in the world.   


The Life after Death is very long  and we pray Allah (swt) to put us all on the right path of Islam so that we get salvation in Hereafter.  Ameen.